Downfall 1945 The Fall of Hitlers Third Reich By : Steven J. Zaloga

Downfall 1945 The Fall of Hitlers Third Reich
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  • Author: Steven J. Zaloga
    Publication Date: 30/11/-0001
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Yet at the same time, the Allied alliance was already on shaky ground, as German resistance was crushed the Allies began to eye each other nervously across a battletorn Europe, with the politically driven military decisions to have a huge impact on the future of the continent. This book traces the final operations of the war, from the liberation of Denmark, the Allied drive towards the Baltic straits, incursions in Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and engagements in Eastern and Western Germany, whilst also analyzing how the Allied strategies in the final days of the war were a hint of the future difficulties that would drive the Cold War.

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Number of Pages: 95 Pages
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Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

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