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The Enduring Revolution How the Contract with America Continues to Shape the Nation By : Major Garrett

The Enduring Revolution How the Contract with America Continues to Shape the Nation
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  • Author: Major Garrett
    Publication Date: 08/02/2006
    Binding: Paperback
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To most observers—including many conservatives—the so-called Republican Revolution of 1994 was anything but revolutionary, and the Contract with America that propelled the GOP into power was just a gimmick. But in The Enduring Revolution, Fox News national reporter Major Garrett turns this conventional wisdom on its head, revealing how the Contract with America and the Republican Revolution have changed our lives in startling ways. The Republicans have fundamentally altered our approach to taxes, national defense, terrorism, welfare, entitlements, health care, education, abortion, gun control, and crime, among other issues. Quite simply, America is a vastly different place after the Contract than it was before it. If you think the 2004 elections re?ected a political realignment in this country, think again. That realignment occured a decade earlier; the Republicans’ victory in 1994 made George W. Bush’s election and reelection possible. Based on exclusive interviews with more than fifty key players from both sides of the aisle, and complete with more than thirty pages of crucial, previously unpublished confidential documents, The Enduring Revolution offers the dramatic behind-the-scenes story of how the Contract with America came into being and how this one document has defined American politics for a decade. Garrett’s exhaustive research and remarkable access enable him to tell a story that will surprise even the most seasoned political observers. In The Enduring Revolution, you’ll learn: •How George W. Bush and John Kerry built much of their 2004 presidential campaigns around the Contract with America •How conservatives angered by the recent growth of the federal government have overlooked critical Republican victories on spending •How Bill Clinton’s supposed great achievements, welfare reform and a balanced budget, resulted directly from the Contract with America—and actually reflected his weakness as a leader •How the Republican majority made the 2003 Iraq invasion possible years before our military campaign began •How our intelligence community’s problems in the War on Terror would have been much worse had there been no Republican Revolution Undeniably, Republican leaders from Newt Gingrich to Dennis Hastert have made critical mistakes—and Garrett provides the inside story on how and why those failures occurred. But he also reveals how the usual focus on setbacks ignores the jaw-dropping changes the Contract with America has produced.

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Number of Pages: 317 Pages
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