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by: Luca Caioli

they sparked a rivalry like no other; Messi vs Ronaldo.The seasons that have followed have been tr..

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The Wenger Revolution Twenty Years of Arsenal

by: amy lawrence

In September 1996 a Frenchman, so little known in English football that fans asked "Arsène Who?�..

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Defending (Usborne Soccer School)

by: Gill Harvey

Gill Harvey covers all the skills and techniques needed in the defending third of the football field..

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The United Trinity: The Remarkable Story of Best, Law and Charlton

by: David Meek

When George Best, a dark-haired skinny teenager from Belfast, made his United debut in the autumn of..

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Barca : A People's Passion (reissued)

by: Jimmy Burns

Barça is much more than a football club - it is a social and political phenomenon. Founded in 1898,..

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OptaJoe's Football Yearbook 2016: That thing you thought? Think the opposite ;

by: Duncan Alexander

Football is a game of opinions. A world where received wisdom and the law of the hunch reigns suprem..

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The Secret Footballer: Access All Areas

by: Anon

Ever wondered how to build a football club? What a typical match day feels like for the players on t..

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Red Leaders The Official Story of Manchester Uniteds Captns

by: Ben Hibbs

More recently, United has been led by a wide range of characters, from the controversial and charism..

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The Second Half

by: Roy Keane, Roddy Doyle

In an eighteen-year playing career for Cobh Ramblers, Nottingham Forest, and Manchester United (unde..

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I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic

by: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

'Why be a Fiat when you can be a Ferrari?'Welcome to planet Zlatan. This is the story of how a Swe..

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Futebol Nation A Footballing History of Brazil

by: David Goldblatt

Football is regarded as a thing of joy, its yellow shirts a delightful amalgam of sport and art, ent..

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1001 Football Moments :

by: Sam Pilger

Written by a celebrated and experienced cast of football writers including Sam Pilger, Leo Moynihan,..

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The Manager: Inside the Minds of Football's Leaders :

by: Mike Carson

From the post room to the board room, everyone thinks they can be the manager. But how do you manage..

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Wayne Rooney: My Decade in the Premier League ;

by: Wayne Rooney

'My Decade in the Premier League' is Wayne's first hand account of his 10 years playing at the highe..

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The Football Book :

by: Editors of Sports Illustrated

Four years after the publication of "The Football Book", the "Sports Illustrated" editorial team tha..

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Firsts Lasts And Only Football

by: Unknown

Football is a sport played the world over, and it is also probably the simplest sport in the world t..

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Manchester United: The Biography: The complete story of the world's greatest football club :

by: Jim White

Following the club’s extraordinary journey from its birth in the railway works of Newton Heath to it..

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Barca: A People's Passion :

by: Jimmy Burns

Founded in 1898, FC Barcelona or Barca, is the world's biggest and best-loved football club. Barca h..

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