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Becoming Wise An Inquiry Into the Mystery and Art of Living

by: Krista Tippett

I'm not sure there's such a thing as the cultural 'center, ' nor that it's very interesting if it ex..

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How to Train Your Memory

by: phil collins

Do you struggle to remember people's names at social events or business networking meetings? How oft..

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Lost Masters Rediscovering the Mysticism of the Ancient Greek Philosophers An Eckhart Tolle Edition

by: linda johnsen

Ashrams in Europe twenty-five hundred years ago? Greek philosophers studying in India? Meditation ..

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The Power of Love Osho Life Essentials

by: Osho

One of the most important life events is falling in love, yet we never learn about it in school. S..

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Biblio Poetry Therapy The Interactive Process A Handbook

by: Arlene McCarty Hynes

Biblio/Poetry Therapy – The Interactive Process: A Handbook was first published in 1986. Now in..

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The New 3 Minute Meditator 30 Simple Ways To Unwind Your Mind Anywhere Anytime

by: David Harp

Don't have time to meditate? Even a few minutes of meditation can literally "unwind your mind" and h..

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Siddhartha's Brain: The Science of Meditation, Mindfulness and Enlightenment -

by: James Kingsland

Can meditation and mindfulness really reconfigure our brains to make us sharper, smarter, healthier,..

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Type 2 Diabetes (Exercise Your Way to Health) Paperback

by: Paula Coates

There are currently 2.6 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK. Around 90% of these peop..

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One Plus One Equals Three: A Masterclass in Creative Thinking - Paperback

by: Dave Trott

How do you make something out of nothing?Up your game with this masterclass in creative thinking. ..

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Sex, Likes and Social Media: How the digital age is affecting our teens - and what we can do to help

by: Deana Puccio

Today's teenagers are the first generation to go through adolescence online. The internet, social ..

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The Pocket Doctor

by: Gopal Kamal

The Pocket Doctor Medical Tips For Common Illness..

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Research Methodology and Basic Biostatistics

by: Saira Afzal

Research methodology is used a base to explain statistical reasoning. The course also familiarises y..

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Donald School Textbook of Transvaginal Sonography

by: Asim Kurjak

Divided into five sections, the book begins with an introduction to general aspects of the procedure..

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV/AIDS

by: Vinod Kumar Sharma

This book will serve as a reference book to those teaching the subject to MBBS, nursing and paramedi..

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Awakened Instincts Seven Keys for Enhancing Every Aspect of Your Life

by: MaryRose Occhino

World-renowned psychic medium MaryRose Occhino teams up with her daughter, Jacqueline Sullivan, for ..

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The Thinking Life


How do we turn off the noise of daily life, turn on our brains, and begin to engage in that fundamen..

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Reunions Visionary Encounters With Departed Loved Ones

by: Raymond Moody

The bestselling author of Life After Life, along with the co-author of Closer to the Light, now show..

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Developing Consciousness

by: Nicholas Vesey

And yet the way to this truth has often remained a closely guarded secret, revealed only to students..

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The Chinese Medicine Bible

by: Penelope Ody

The Chinese Medicine Bible explores the key principles of Chinese alternative therapies, explaining ..

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The Miracle of the Breath

by: Andy Caponigro

Take a Deep Breath." "Just breathe." These are common calming mantras, but what do they really mean?..

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Lifestyle for Total Development A Unique Guide to Develop Your Personality

by: Rishi Kumar Jain

For a happy, peaceful and meaningful life it is essential that we find time for our health, family a..

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Faith Hope And Healing Inspiring Lessons Learned

by: Bernie Siegel & Jennifer San

Bernie Siegel broke new ground with his monumental book Love, Medicine, and Miracles , in which he e..

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The Celestial Sexpot Handbook Astrological Tips for Satisfying Seduction and Ultimate Love

by: Kiki T.

In Bare Basics find out how each sign hunts for his prey, learn the initial mating ritual and how to..

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Change Your Life Change the World A Spiritual Guide to Living Now

by: Ryuho Okawa

Change Your life Change Your World contains the essence of the teachings that have probably changed ..

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Path Of The Pearl: Discover Your Treasures Within

by: Mary Olsen Kelly

Throughout history, the pearl has enchanted and delighted seekers of beauty, rarity, wealth and powe..

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The Crystal Healer: Crystal Prescriptions That Will Change Your Life Forever

by: Philip Permutt

Crystal therapy has long been used as a gentle system of holistic healing. By drawing on the unique ..

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The Secrets Of People Who Never Get Sick

by: Gene Stone

Meet Bill Thompson, an entrepreneur in his early sixties who has the EKG of a 20-year-old and hasn't..

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Fall Like A Rose Petal A Fathers Lessons on How to Be Happy and Content While Living without Money 1

by: Avis Viswanathan

In early 2008, the author AVIS Viswanathan and Vaani - his soul-mate, friend, wife and business part..

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Karma Kurry For the Mind Body Heart & Soul

by: Jeroninio Almeida

NELSON MANDELA A compilation of soul-stirring and heart-warming tales, Karma Kurry for the Mind, Bod..

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The Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing: Energy Medicine for Mind Body and Spirit

by: Philip Permutt

Working with crystals and the body's seven chakras, or natural energy points, is one of the most pow..

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Life Alignment The Story of Jeff Levins Revolutionary Healing System

by: Philippa Lubbock

Philippa Lubbock tells the wonderful story of how one of today's foremost healers, Dr Jeff Levin, ca..

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