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by: Syed Abid Rizvi

"This compilation is a very humble effort on my part. It has been inspired from a heavily-loaded, ..

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by: Irfan Javaid

Mortain Mohammad Ilyas kay Shahkar Afsano ka intekab By Irfan Javaid...

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Balonat Singh Shahkar Afsanay

by: Balonat Singh

Balonat Singh Shahkar Afsanay By Balonat Singh..

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Shahkar Afsanay

by: Akhter Hashmi

Rajindar singh kay Shahkar Afsanay By Akhter Hashmi...

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Afsany Asmat Chugtai

by: Rana Abdul Rehman

Afsany Asmat Chugtai By Rana Abdul Rehman...

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by: Gen Sir Andrew Skeen

In May 1919 the new Emir of Afghanistan Amanullah Khan-convinced that the British Empire was on the ..

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Modern Soap

by: Javed Amir

Modern Soap- an elegant novel of ideas. A saga of wealth, love and greed in Pakistan. Modern Soap ..

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In the Ring of Pure Light Lectures on Language and Literature

by: Zulfikar Ghose

This book brings together some of Zulfikar Ghose’s impressive lectures on language and literature de..

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by: Attiya (the late) Rahamin

This is the author's impression of Mohammad Iqbal's (foremost poet of Pakistan and an internationall..

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