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The present work has been compiled to bring together the writings and proclamations issued by the le..

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Engaging the Muslim World

by: Juan Cole

With clarity and concision, Juan Cole disentangles the key foreign policy issues that America is gra..

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Beyond Swat: History, Society and Economy Along the Afghanistan-Pakistan Frontier

by: Magnus Marsden

Beyond Swat readdresses Fredrik Barth s seminal work Political Leadership among Swat Pathans, and th..

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Sadequain and the Culture of Enlightenment

by: Akbar Naqvi

Although the artist Sadequain was commonly regarded as a modernist, the author, who is well known as..

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My Dearest Daughter

by: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Shaheed

My Dearest Daughter By Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Shaheed...

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Pakistan Kaisay Bana 2 Vol Set

by: Zahid Choudhry

Pakistan Ki siyasi Tareekh Pakistan Kesy Bana ? By Zahid Choudhry..

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Bay Misal Hukmaran Tipu Sultan

by: Syed Mehmood Khawar

Bemisal Hukmaran Tipo Sultan By Syed Mehmood Khawar..

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Journals and Diaries of the Assistants to the Agent GovernorGeneral NorthWest Frontier and Resident at Lahore 18461849

by: Unknown

Journals and Diaries of the Assistants to the Agent, Governor-General North-West Frontier and Reside..

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History Of multan

by: Dr Ashiq Muhammad Khan Durrani

History Of Multan From The Early Period To 1894 To AD By Dr Ashiq Muhammad Khan Durrani...

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The Last Lamp of Delhi

by: Mirza Farhatullah Baig

The Last Lamp of Delhi By Mirza Farhatullah Baig.Delhi Poetry Symposium Of 1261 Hijri...

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Fiaz Folk Heritage and Problems of Culture

by: Ahmad Salima

2011 Year is marked with celebrating and paying tribute to iconic 'Faiz Ahmad Faiz'. From February 2..

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Historic Landmarks of Lahore

by: Ihsan H. Nadiem

Historic Landmarks of Lahore: An Account of Protected Monuments by Ihsan H. Nadiem...

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World of Islam in Twentieth Century

by: Haq Nawaz Akhtar

World of Islam in Twentieth Century by Haq Nawaz Akhtar..

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88 DAys To Kandhar

by: Rober L. Grenier

The First American-Afghan War, a CIA war, was approved by President George W. Bush and directed by t..

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The End Of The Great Game

by: Hasan M. Sadiq

The goal of HMS Books is to publish books that inform the public of the changing global geopolitics ..

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The ShahNamah of Fardu

by: Alexander Rogers

The Shah-Namah of Fardusi by Alexander Rogers..

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Pakistan the Heart of Asia

by: Liaquat Ali Khan

Pakistan: the Heart of Asia by Liaquat Ali Khan..

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Testing Times:As Foreign Minister

by: Gohar Ayub Khan

Testing Times:As Foreign Minister by Gohar Ayub Khan..

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Religions of South Asia Unity in Diversity

by: Gul Afroz Zaman

Religions of South Asia Unity in Diversity (Revised Edition)by Gul Afroz Zaman..

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Gender Politics & Performance in S Asia

by: Sheema Kermani

Gender, Politics, and Performance in South Asia 1st Edition by Sheema Kermani..

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Peter Paul and Mary Magdalene: The Followers of Jesus in History and Legend

by: Bart D. Ehrman

Bart Ehrman, author of the highly popular Truth and Fiction in The Da Vinci Code and Lost Christiani..

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Moral Lives Of Israelis Reinventing The Dream State

by: David Berlinski

The Moral Lives of Israelis explores the last ten years of life in Israel, a sixty-one-year-old coun..

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The Struggle for Egypt From Nasser to Tahrir Square

by: Steven A. Cook

"From his wanderings on the Arab streets of Cairo (and dozens of other Arab and Turkish towns), Cook..

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by: Shahrukh Rafi Khan

Given that a military government had assumed power during this period, it was inevitable that many o..

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Thy People

by: Mariam Salam

Memoirs of the author based on socio-cultural traditions in a Muslim family...

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Abdullah Yusuf Alis

by: K.K.Aziz

Abdullah Yusuf Ali's Notes On The Quran by K. K. Aziz..

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