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From Quetta to Delhi: A Partition Story

by: Reena Nanda

This story is a cameo set against the backdrop of Partition - a decision taken by political leaders ..

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Directorate S The C.I.A and America's Secret Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan 2001–2016

by: Steve Coll

In the wake of the terrible shock of 9/11, the C.I.A. scrambled to work out how to destroy Bin Laden..

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Partitioned Histories: The Other Side of your Story

by: Unknown

What is our nation’s history? How is it depicted in history textbooks? How are our future generation..

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Lahore: Illustrated Views of the 19th Century

by: F.S. Aijazuddin

"Anyone intending to write the history of Lahore requires the tenacity of a mountaineer" claims F S ..

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Hero of the Empire: The Making of Winston Churchill

by: Candice Millard

At the age of twenty-four, Winston Churchill already believed he was destined for greatness. This is..

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History of the Russian Revolution

by: Leon Trotsky

Regarded by many as among the most powerful works of history ever written, The History of the R..

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India Conquered: Britain's Raj and the Chaos of Empire

by: Jon Wilson

 In the nineteenth century, imperial India was at the centre of Britain’s global power. But sin..

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How India Sees The World

by: Shyam Saran

Former India Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran has had a ringside view of the most critical events and s..

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Genghis Khan and the Quest for God How the World's Greatest Conqueror Gave Us Religious Freedom

by: Jack Weatherford

Throughout history the world's greatest conquerors have made their mark not just on the battlefield,..

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The Square and the Tower: Networks, Hierarchies and the Struggle for Global Power

by: Niall Ferguson

What if everything we thought we knew about history was wrong? From the global bestselling author of..

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Prison Narratives

by: Akhtar baloch

The book is based on a series of diary entries of eighteen-year-old Akhtar Baloch, who was arrested..

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Pakistan Under Siege

by: Masood h kizilbash

After seventy years of its tumultuous existence, Pakistan is a nuclear state, imploding with terror..

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The Begums Of Bhopal A Dynasty Of Women Rulers In Raj India

by: Shaharyar Khan

Between 1819 and 1926 four Muslim women rulers reigned over Bhopal, the second largest Muslim stat..

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A World of Struggle: How Power, Law, and Expertise Shape Global Political Economy -

by: David Kennedy

A World of Struggle reveals the role of expert knowledge in our political and economic life. As poli..

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The Politicians and the Egalitarians: The Hidden History of American Politics

by: Sean Wilentz

Historian Sean Wilentz presents two key insights that together reveal a clearer, much-needed vision ..

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The Ruler's Gaze : A Study of British Rule over India from a Saidian Perspective

by: Arvind Sharma

Edward Said's Orientalism (1978) is a seminal work in the field of postcolonial culture studies. It ..

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Lost Heritage The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan

by: Amardeep Singh

"LOST HERITAGE - A journey across West Punjab, North-West Frontier and Pakistan Administered Kashmir..

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The Dilemmas of Lenin: Terrorism, War, Empire, Love, Revolution

by: Tariq Ali

On the centenary of the Russian Revolution, Tariq Ali paints an illuminating portrait of LeninAt the..

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An Era of Darkness The British Empire in India

by: Shashi Tharoor

In 1930, the American historian and philosopher Will Durant wrote that Britain s conscious and delib..

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Mail Men The Unauthorized Story of the Daily Mail The Paper That Divided and Conquered Britain

by: Adrian Addison

Perhaps because of the power and fear that the Daily Mail commands, this is the very first book to ..

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The Future of Iraq Dictatorship Democracy or Division

by: Liam Anderson

The Future of Iraq provides a primer on the history and political dynamics of this pivotal state di..

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Nietzsches Great Politics

by: Hugo Drochon

Nietzsche's impact on the world of culture, philosophy, and the arts is uncontested, but his politi..

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Holy Warriors A Modern History of the Crusades

by: Jonathan Phillips

From an internationally renowned expert, here is an accessible and utterly fascinating one-volume h..

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Oath Betrayed Torture Medical Complicity and the War on Terror

by: Steven Miles

If law be the bedrock of civil society, it can no more undergird torture than it could support slave..

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Outlaws of the Atlantic Sailors Pirates and Motley Crews in the Age of Sail

by: Marcus rediker

This maritime history "from below" exposes the history-making power of common sailors, slaves, pira..

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At the Point of a Gun Democratic Dreams and Armed Intervention

by: David Rieff

Writing from the front lines of the hot wars of the post-Cold War world -- the Balkans, Africa, the..

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We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land: A Plan That Will Work

by: Jimmy Carter

President Carter has been a student of the biblical Holy Land all his life. For the last three decad..

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JFK and the Reagan Revolution A Secret History of American Prosperity

by: Lawrence kudlow

The fascinating, suppressed history of how JFK pioneered supply-side economics. John F. Kennedy wa..

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