Regional Cooking

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Mountain Berries and Desert Spice: Sweet Inspiration From the Hunza Valley to the Arabian Sea

by: Sumayya Usmani

In this eagerly awaited follow up to Pakistani cookbook Summers Under the Tamarind Tree, food w..

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Whats On the Menu

by: Shazia Khan

What’s on the Menu is Shazia Khan’s debut cookbook that allows us a peek into her fantastic repertoi..

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Quick Bites For Spare Moments -

by: R.k.murthi

Quick Bites is a collection of middles, published in major newspapers and magazines.What is it that ..

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Cooking School Indian

by: Unknown

Your guide to recreating some of the most popular world cuisines in your own kitchen * Includes all ..

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Seafood Platter (Chefs Special)

by: Master Chefs Of India

A gourmet collection of all-colour handbooks, offering mouth watering delicacies by Master Chefs of ..

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Wazwaan traditional Kashmiri Cuisine

by: Khan Mohammed Sharief

When Timur invaded India in the 15th century, he unknowingly introduced to the country a cuisine tha..

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Low Calorie Desserts

by: Mallika Nagarajan

This book is an attempt to create desserts which are low calorie yet luscious enough to satisfy all ..

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The Urban Rajahs Curry Memoirs

by: Ivor Peters

Curry has become an integral part of our staple diet but few of us are aware of what 'authentic' mea..

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Spice Sorcery The Kutchi Memon Cookbook

by: Husna Rehman

Spice Sorcery presents a mouthwatering and delicious insight into the Kutchi Memon community, an obs..

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Vegetarian Food Lovers Simply

by: Unknown

Budget cookery books which make no compromise, offering variety of choice, delicious and proven reci..

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A Taste of Pakistan: The Culinary Heritage of Jafaris

by: Zainab Jafri

The Taste of Pakistan: The Culinary Heritage of Jafaris, is a journey of how the food prepared and e..

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The Big Book of Treats

by: Pooja Dhingra

Her passion for baking led Pooja to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, and on her return she opened Le 15 Pati..

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Vegetarian Fiesta Chefs Special

by: Master Chefs Of India

From the popular potato to the vegetarian's meat -- cottage cheese -- try your hand at different coo..

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Tikkas And Kebabs Chefs Special

by: Master Chefs Of India

This book brings you a feast of sizzling tikkas and kebabs. These delectables which include cutlets ..

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The Sindhi Kitchen

by: Aroona Reejhsinghani

Sindhis, once inhabitants of Sindh in present-day Pakistan, are renowned for their entrepreneurial z..

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Masala Morning By Shireen Anwar

by: Shireen Anwer

Masala Mornings by Shireen Anwar is an exclusive guide to fool-proof cooking with recipes in Urdu an..

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Healthy Cooking Health Television

by: Chef Amina Mujeeb Khan

Health Television takes upon itself to inspire a wholesome lifestyle to the masses; it motivates its..

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Salt n Pepper Village selected Recipes

by: Mehmood Akber

With Thirty years of successful restaurant operation in pakistan, I felt that it was finally time to..

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Incredible India Cuisine

by: Pushpesh Pant

'Cuisines' of India is an introduction, an invitation, to the resplendent realm of foods and flavour..

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Parantha And Biryani

by: Rano Suri

Whoever said parantha and biryani were mere embellishments would be enthralled by the intriguing fla..

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