Regional Cooking

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by: Pratibha Karan

that one finds the classic versions, subtle, refined, and delicately flavoured. Pratibha Karan gives..

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Mountain Berries and Desert Spice: Sweet Inspiration From the Hunza Valley to the Arabian Sea

by: Sumayya Usmani

In this eagerly awaited follow up to Pakistani cookbook Summers Under the Tamarind Tree, food w..

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Whats On the Menu


What’s on the Menu is Shazia Khan’s debut cookbook that allows us a peek into her fantastic repertoi..

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Quick Bites For Spare Moments -


Quick Bites is a collection of middles, published in major newspapers and magazines.What is it that ..

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Cooking School Indian


Your guide to recreating some of the most popular world cuisines in your own kitchen * Includes all ..

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Seafood Platter (Chefs Special)


A gourmet collection of all-colour handbooks, offering mouth watering delicacies by Master Chefs of ..

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Wazwaan traditional Kashmiri Cuisine


When Timur invaded India in the 15th century, he unknowingly introduced to the country a cuisine tha..

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Kashmiri Cuisine Through The Ages


Kashmiri cuisine falls under two categories: Pandit and Muslim. Both may favour meats largely, but b..

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Low Calorie Desserts


This book is an attempt to create desserts which are low calorie yet luscious enough to satisfy all ..

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The Urban Rajahs Curry Memoirs


Curry has become an integral part of our staple diet but few of us are aware of what 'authentic' mea..

Rs 3250 Rs 2,925.00 Ex Tax: Rs 2,925.00

Spice Sorcery The Kutchi Memon Cookbook


Spice Sorcery presents a mouthwatering and delicious insight into the Kutchi Memon community, an obs..

Rs 1395 Rs 1,325.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,325.25

Zakir Ke Methay Pakwan


Zakir Ke Methay Pakwan by Zakir Qureshi..

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A Taste of Pakistan: The Culinary Heritage of Jafaris


The Taste of Pakistan: The Culinary Heritage of Jafaris, is a journey of how the food prepared and e..

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The Big Book of Treats


Her passion for baking led Pooja to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, and on her return she opened Le 15 Pati..

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Vegetarian Fiesta Chefs Special


From the popular potato to the vegetarian's meat -- cottage cheese -- try your hand at different coo..

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Tikkas And Kebabs Chefs Special


This book brings you a feast of sizzling tikkas and kebabs. These delectables which include cutlets ..

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The Sindhi Kitchen


Sindhis, once inhabitants of Sindh in present-day Pakistan, are renowned for their entrepreneurial z..

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Masala Morning By Shireen Anwar


Masala Mornings by Shireen Anwar is an exclusive guide to fool-proof cooking with recipes in Urdu an..

Rs 1200 Rs 1,140.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,140.00

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