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Photographing Egypt: Forty Years Behind the Lens

by: John Feeney

John Feeney arrived in Egypt in 1963 to make a documentary film, intending to stay for one year and ..

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The Encyclopedia of the Harley Davidson

by: Peter Henshaw

This illustrated encyclopedia is packed with interesting facts and follows the history of the famous..

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Voices and Images 15 Years of Visual Arts Gallery

by: Dr Alka pande

The Visual Arts Gallery, at the India Habitat Centre, has stood, in some ways, as a sentinel of vis..

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Renzo Piano The Complete Logbook

by: renzo piano

Renzo Piano has created some of the most emblematic buildings of our age, including the Centre Geor..

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The Eye Still Seeks Pakistani Contemporary Art

by: Salima Hashmi

A superb art book of one of the most arresting art movements in the world today. Pakistan's contempo..

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Essential Fashion Illustration: Men (Essential Fashion Illustration)

by: Chidy Wayne

First-hand experience and passion for fashion illustration were the driving forces behind the creati..

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Treasures of the British Museum

by: Marjorie Caygill

The British Museum is the most magnificent treasure-house in the world. The wealth and range of its ..

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D-SLR Exposure Tips: A Camera Bag Companion 2 (Camera Bag Companions 02)

by: Chris George

The downside to the digital revolution is that it has thrown up new technical challenges that both e..

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D-SLR Black & White Photography A Camera Bag Companion 4 Camera Bag Companions 04

by: Chris George

The downside to the digital revolution is that it has thrown up new technical challenges that both e..

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Wide Angle

by: Anil Kumble

I have always carried a camera with me. From an aim- and-shoot on my first trip to Srinagar for the ..

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In the Name of Gucci: A Memoir

by: Patricia Gucci

The gripping family drama—and never-before-told love story—surrounding the rise and fall of the lat..

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Anglo-Saxon Art: A New History

by: Leslie Webster

The seven centuries of the Anglo-Saxon period in England, roughly AD 4001100, were a time of extraor..

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Life The Hidden World of Secret Societies

by: Life Magazine

Nothing intrigues us like a secret. And nothing entertains us as much as a secret revealed. In this ..

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Sunset Make It Your Own: Baths

by: Jeanne Huber

With Make It Your Own: Bathrooms, D-I-Y projects are easier, more fun, and less time consu..

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Edward Lear: A Life

by: Peter Levi

Edward Lear - beloved nonsense poet, author of such adored poems as The Owl and the Pussycat, invent..

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National Geographic The Covers Iconic Photographs Unforgettable Stories

by: Mark Collins Jenkins

National Geographic The Covers is the definitive cover collection from the world's most beloved maga..

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Civil Imagination: A Political Ontology of Photography

by: Ariella Azoulay

The “Copernican Revolution” in studying photography brings to light how images can both reinforce an..

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Tom Mackies Landscape photography secrets

by: Unknown

Learn how to take the best landscape photographs possible with this stunning new guide from world re..

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The British Museum Arabic Calligraphy

by: Unknown

The first stroke-by-stroke guide ever produced for learning to write Naskh, one of the six major cur..

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101 Salivations: For the love of dogs

by: Rachael Hale

For thousands of years, the dog has been at the centre of our affections. Over the centuries - from ..

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The Digital SLR Handbook

by: Michael Freeman

The first edition of Michael Freeman's The Digital SLR Handbook was the first book to clearly explai..

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Little Humans

by: Brandon Stanton

When Brandon Stanton started a photography project in 2010 to capture the extraordinary in everyday ..

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Ghosts Caught on Film: Photographs of the Paranormal?

by: Melvyn Willin

"Ghosts Caught on Film" presents an extraordinary collection of strange and unexplained photographs ..

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Bramantino: The Renaissance in Lombardy

by: Mauro Natale

One of the most iconic personalities of the northern Italian Renaissance, Bartolomeo Suardi, better ..

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LIFE The Year in Pictures

by: Life Magazine

The floods that ruined parts of California and the blizzards that whacked New England made for drama..

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101 Top Tips for Black & White Digital Photography

by: John Beardsworth

As well as being the genre of the medium that has the longest history with great names like Edward W..

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Islamic Designs

by: Eva Wilson

British Museum Pattern Books reproduce in line drawings the rich variety of patterns and designs whi..

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Producing Videos: A Complete Guide

by: Martha Mollison

Comprehensive information to help video enthusiasts navigate the difficulties of composition, direct..

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Botticelli: Masters of Art

by: Federico Poletti

The Florentine painter Botticelli personifies the Golden Age of the early Renaissance. Best known fo..

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Anne Geddes 2015 Wall Calendar: Under the Sea

by: Mary Engelbreit

Anne Geddes' imagination takes her tiny subjects to fanciful places under the waves in this smile-in..

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100 Holy Places

by: Unknown

In its original sense, "holy" means dedicated to, or belongs to, a deity and therefore refers to a d..

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Hip Hotels Atlas

by: Herbert Ypma

Newly available in a portable flexibound edition, HIP Hotels Atlas offers a vast range of unforgetta..

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