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Turkey: Modern Architectures in History

by: Esra Akcan

'Gentlemen, it was necessary to abolish the fez, which sat on the heads of our people as an emblem o..

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India: Modern Architectures in History

by: Peter Scriver

'India' is a word that invokes a host of cliches: a timeless civilization of living traditions, grea..

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Italy: Modern Architectures in History


Throughout the twentieth century, architects in Italy have attempted to define the role of architect..

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The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture (Writing Architecture)

by: Pier V. Aureli

Architectural form reconsidered in light of a unitary conception of architecture and the city.In The..

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The History of Architecture in India


This is the first ever modern monograph to draw together all the strands of India's architectural hi..

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Architecture and Attitude: A Contemporary Indian Perspective

by: Archohm Consults

Founded in 2000, studio archohm is a leading Indian architecture and design firm, known for its vers..

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Design Through Dialogue - a Guide for Architects and Clients (Architecture in Practice)

by: Karen A. Franck

The book makes visible and comprehensible aspects of the briefing and design process by examining di..

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Architecture: Movements and Trends from the 19th Century to the Present

by: Luca Molinari

A 360-degree review of the architectural developments of the twentieth century, Arch.The twentieth-c..

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Wood Architecture

by: Ruth Slavid

Timber is having a renaissance as an architectural material, as more architects come to understand i..

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Towards Zero-energy Architecture: New Solar Design

by: Mary Guzowski

Today, more than ever, architects must re-engage the forces of the sun to respond to the profound ch..

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Basics Interior Architecture: Elements & Objects

by: Graeme Brooker

Basics Interior Architecture: Elements and Objects explores the manner in which an interior space ca..

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Research Methods for Architecture

by: Raymond Lucas

While fundamentally a design discipline, architectural education requires an element of history and ..

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Architecture and Surrealism

by: Neil Spiller

In a world where ‘smart’ objects can talk to each other and a gun can be printed with a desktop 3D p..

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Masterclass: Architecture: Guide to the World’s Leading Graduate Schools

by: Ana Martins

Aimed at current bachelor’s degree students, recent graduates and professionals looking for a specia..

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Skywood House: And the Architecture of Graham Phillips

by: Phyllis Richardson

Skywood has been called a house that turns lifestyle into a work of art and one that offers a master..

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1000 x Architecture of the Americas

by: Michelle Galindo

This volume is part of the successful book series "Collection of Architecture”, an unparalleled reso..

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101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

by: Matthew Frederick

This is a book that students of architecture will want to keep in the studio and in their backpacks...

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Landform Building: Architecture's New Terrain

by: Stan Allen

Green roofs, artificial mountains and geological forms; buildings you walk on or over; networks of r..

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Aga Khan Award for Architecture

by: Mohsen Mostafavi

The Aga Khan Award for Architecture was established by His Highness the Aga Khan in 1977 to identify..

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Tropical Architecture

by: Wolfgang Lauber

This forward-thinking survey considers the challenges of making buildings that withstand the vagarie..

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Twentieth-Century Residential Architecture

by: Richard Weston

The design and organization of the house have been sources of endless experimentation and innovation..

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The Art and Architecture of Persia

by: Giovanni Curatola

The history of the area now known as Iran, but often still referred to as Persia, spans millennia, b..

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Stone Architecture

by: David Dernie

In recent years contemporary architects have become obsessed with a variety of materials, and above ..

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Introduction to Indian Architecture

by: Bindia Thapar

The subcontinent of Indian has a long and rich architectural history, a reflection of its multifario..

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by: Diana Balmori

The current environmental crisis calls for a unified practice of landscape and architecture that wou..

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HPA: The Story of Ho & Partners Architects: Architecture - Witnessing the Progress of Human Civilisation

by: Bosco Ho

People thrive on quality architecture. The buildings in which we live, work, study and shop have a d..

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HKS Architecture

by: HKS Architecture

HKS creates visionary designs that deliver innovative facilities. The firm's designers believe that ..

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PTang Studio: A New Approach to Chinese Architecture

by: Bridget Vranckx

PTang Studio is a Chinese architectural and interior design firm that strives for the finest quality..

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Construction for Landscape Architecture (Portfolio Skills)

by: Robert Holden

Aimed at students and professionals, this book covers all aspects of landscape construction, giving ..

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