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On Cats

by: Charles Bukowski

"Acclaimed writer Charles Bukowski turns his signature eye on the world of felines. A series of essa..

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The Complete Guide to Quilting Techniques: Essential Techniques and Step-by-step Projects for Making Beautiful Quilts


Quilting is one of the most versatile of modern crafts and one of the most satisfying to master: bot..

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Sunnylands America’s Midcentury Masterpiece


With its pastel green and yellow interior, its dazzling collection of Impressionist paintings, and l..

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New Asian Interiors


Asia is booming - not only in terms of population, but also in interior design and architecture, and..

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Bally: Since 1851


The Bally Shoe Company was founded in 1851 by Carl Franz Bally (1821—1899) and his brother Fritz in ..

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Tidy Space: Zen and Shaker Design Solutions for Tidy Living


Tidy Space Zen and Shaker Design Solutions for Tidy Living..

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10,000 Years of Pottery


Lavishly illustrated and extremely comprehensive ...a bargain.' ANTIQUES MAGAZINE 'The evolution of ..

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Interior Splendor by Pierre-Yves Rochon


The secrets behind the work of chameleon designer Pierre Yves Rochon, who has devoted thirty years t..

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Nano House Innovations for Small Dwellings

by: Phyllis Richardson

Space is at a premium in growing cities. In the countryside, we want to preserve nature and the land..

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I Heart Colouring Pretty Pocket Colouring

by: felicity french

I Heart Colouring, part of the new, full colour, Pretty Pocket Colouring range, contains beautiful ..

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Understanding Garden Design: The Complete Handbook for Aspiring Designers

by: Vanessa Gardner Nagel

Designing a garden is a complex task. Where do you start? What kind of skills do you need? What are ..

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Garden Answers: Pruning

by: Richard Bird

Good pruning is vital to many garden plants and it need not be daunting. The straightforward answers..

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Cloudehill A Year in the Garden

by: Jeremy Francis

Cloudehill: A Year in the Garden" tells the story of Cloudehill one of Australia's finest gardens an..

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House in the Landscape: Siting Your Home Naturally

by: Jeremiah Eck

Most homes built in the United States over the last fifty years were merely plopped down on a piece ..

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Herb Gardening from the Ground Up: Everything You Need to Know about Growing Your Favorite Herbs

by: Sal Gilbertie

Garden-fresh herbs impart flavor and fragrance that dried, packaged products simply can’t. Now, anyo..

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Beautiful No-Mow Yards: 50 Amazing Lawn Alternatives

by: Evelyn Hadden

What has your perfect green lawn done for you lately? Is it really worth the time, effort, and resou..

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Fruit Trees in Small Spaces: Abundant Harvests from Your Own Backyard- [PB]

by: Colby Eierman

Covering the essentials of pruning and pests to detailing the best cultivars and dwarf varieties for..

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Rhs Gyo Veg Fruit Year Planner

by: N a

What to do, when, for perfect produce. Written by the Royal Horticultural Society's foremost fruit a..

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Vintage Knit: 25 Knitting & Crochet Patterns Refashioned for Today

by: Marine Malak

Vintage Knit offers lovers of retro style 25 beautiful knitting patterns from the 1940s and 1950s, r..

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Pretty Packages 45 Creative Gift Wrapping Projects

by: Sally J Shim

With just a few simple steps, blogger Sally J Shim shows readers how to turn an ordinary package int..

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The Rock Garden Plant Primer: Easy, Small Plants for Containers, Patios, and the Open Garden

by: Christopher Grey-Wilson

It's not necessary to have a traditional rock garden to enjoy rock garden plants. In fact, these col..

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Making Hay (Storey Basics) - (Paperback)

by: Ann Larkin Hnasen

From cutting, drying, and raking to baling and storing, Ann Larkin Hansen tells you everything you n..

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The Book of Garden Plans :

by: Unknown

A sourcebook of approximately 200 easy-to-follow detailed structural plans of private gardens for ga..

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Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden Instant Colour

by: Alan Titchmarsh

There's no quicker way to add a splash of colour to the garden than to plant annuals and biennials t..

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Move! Best of Gym Design

by: Braun

With health-consciousness on the rise, fitness is a factor that plays an increasingly important role..

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Garden DIY Manual

by: Unknown

Everything you need to know in order to improve and maintain your garden - from paths, patios, terra..

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Sharp Gardening

by: Christopher Holliday

Sharp gardening revels in spiky architectural foliage plants to create a bold structure. Flowering p..

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RHS Wisley Handbook Hellebores Royal Horticultural Society Wisley Handbooks

by: Graham Rice

Flowers to brighten the dark days of winter are especially valuable in the garden and none are so we..

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