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The Shell A World of Decoration and Ornament

by: Ingrid Thomas

The intricate beauty of shells has captivated humans since the earliest times. These gifts of nature..

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Digital Textile Design

by: Melanie Bowles

Digital Textile Design, Second Edition covers everything students and practitioners of textile desig..

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Do It Yourself: 50 Projects by Designers and Artists

by: Phaidon Press

Do It Yourself collects 50 simple, beautiful projects by the world's best designers and artists..

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The Architecture of Parking

by: Simon Henley

Newly available in paperback, this book remains the only comprehensive international survey of one o..

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Archi Graphic An Infographic Look at Architecture

by: frank jacobus

This informative and engaging book uses inventive and visually stunning infographics to take an unu..

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Sound Materials Innovative SoundAbsorbing Materials for Architeure and Design

by: tyler adams

Providing architects, designers, acousticians, engineers, students and creative professionals with ..

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Landscapes: John Berger on Art

by: John Berger

“Berger’s work is an invitation to reimagine; to see in different ways,” writes Tom Overton in the i..

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The Eye Still Seeks Pakistani Contemporary Art

by: Salima Hashmi

A superb art book of one of the most arresting art movements in the world today. Pakistan's contempo..

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All Messed Up Unpredictable Graphics

by: Anna Gerber

"All Messed Up: Unpredictable Graphics" explores the important role that mistakes and accidents play..

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Indian Sculpture (India Crest

by: Grace Morley

This richly illustrated text reproduces some of the finest examples of Indian sculpture, with an ext..

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Decorating (Collins Need to Know?)

by: Collins

This one-stop practical guide will show you how to decorate your home easily and sylishly. To make y..

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Indian Art in Detail

by: Anna L Dallapiccola

Ideal as a spur to creative inspiration or an introduction to a museum or gallery visit, this beauti..

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Masterpieces of the British Museum

by: J D Hill

The British Museum is home to some of the worlds finest and broadest collections, ranging from prehi..

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Working with Clay

by: Susan Peterson

Introducing the beginner to the art of ceramics, this book demonstrates the most basic techniques of..

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Aga Khan Museum Toronto

by: Philip Jodidio

Nearly twenty acres in suburban Toronto are beingtransformed to create a showplace for Islamic art a..

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Drink Best of Bar Design

by: Braun

The design of a bar plays the most crucial role in defining its identity and atmosphere apart from t..

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Treasures of the British Museum

by: Marjorie Caygill

The British Museum is the most magnificent treasure-house in the world. The wealth and range of its ..

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Anglo-Saxon Art: A New History

by: Leslie Webster

The seven centuries of the Anglo-Saxon period in England, roughly AD 4001100, were a time of extraor..

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Light in Nature: North Carolina Museum of Art: Fisher Island House

by: Thomas Phifer

Inside the North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA), the light of day and lush surrounding fields have a ..

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Life The Hidden World of Secret Societies

by: Life Magazine

Nothing intrigues us like a secret. And nothing entertains us as much as a secret revealed. In this ..

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Throwing New Ceramics

by: Richard Phethean

Throwing is an important skill for any potter to master, using only a few tools, the guidance of the..

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Digital Fabrication in Architecture

by: Nick Dunn

With the increasing sophistication of CAD and other design software, there is now a wide array of me..

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Retro Furniture Classics

by: Fay Sweet

With public interest in retro styling stronger than ever, "Retro Furniture Classics" is an invaluabl..

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100 Years of Menswear

by: Cally Blackman

A rich, comprehensive collection of images covering the revolution in menswear over the last 100 yea..

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Dragon Tattoos An Exploration of Dragon Tattoo Iconography from Around the World

by: Doralba Picerno

Dragon Tattoos presents a gallery of stunning images exploring the different myths and reasons drago..

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Art of the Twentieth Century and Beyond Movements Theories, Schools and Tendencies

by: Loredana Parmesani

The new, updated edition of the Skira best-seller on twentieth-century art. This handy manual is for..

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The Lost Carving: A Journey to the Heart of Making

by: David Esterly

Awestruck by the sight of a Grinling Gibbons carving in a London church, David Esterly chose to dedi..

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Culture City How Culture Leaves Its Mark on Cities and Architecture Around the World

by: Wilfried Wang

Since the late 1990s cultural icons have been built in numerous cities throughout the world in order..

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