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50 Architects You Should Know

by: Isabel Kuhl

Starting with the Renaissance, this introduction to fifty visionary architects traces the major aest..

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Corporate Diversity: Swiss Graphic Design and Advertising by Geigy, 1940-1970

by: Andres Janser, Barbara Junod & Museum of Design Z

The design studio of J. R. Geigy AG was the launching pad for one of the great periods of Swiss grap..

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New Bar and Club Design

by: Bethan Ryder

This title now comes in paperback. As the sequel to the highly successful "Bar and Club Design", thi..

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Relax! Best of Spa Design


This volume presents a diverse selection of projects from all over the world, graphically accompanie..

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by: Chris van Uffelen

Water is the scarcest of all natural resources. It is a global challenge to develop, produce and dep..

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The 3D Type Book

by: Tomi Vollauschek And Agathe Jacquillat

This book is the most comprehensive showcase of three-dimensional letterforms ever written, featurin..

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Model Making (Architecture Briefs)

by: Megan Werner

The ancient craft of architectural model making may seem unnecessary in today's age of digital rende..

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Rogers Marvel Architects

by: Rob Rogers

New York City-based Rogers Marvel Architects has garnered high praise for its distinctive blend of e..

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A History of Western Architecture

by: David Watkin

In his highly acclaimed reference work David Watkin traces the history of western architecture from ..

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Generative Design: Visualize, Program, and Create with Processing

by: Hartmut Bohnacker

Generative design is a revolutionary new method of creating artwork, models and animations from sets..

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What is Art Bloomsbury Revelations

by: Leo Tolstoy

In this provocative work Tolstoy famously dismisses works by Shakespeare, Dante, Wagner and even man..

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by: Khurrum Sohail

Kitchen Jadeed Japani Adab Ka Maqbool Tareen Novel By Khurrum Sohail...

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All in the Detail

by: Caroline Clifton Mogg

Hundreds of ideas for affordable finishing touches that will enhance the elegance and individuality ..

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Majestic Metropolitan Living: Visionary Homes In The Heart Of Cities

by: Sue Hostetler

Forget the sprawling suburban mansion with tennis court and swimming pool–from New York to Los Angel..

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The Future of Architecture in

by: Marc Kushner

A pavilion made from paper.An inflatable concert hall. A building that eats smog. A bridge that grow..

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Vintage Home 20thcentury Design for Contemporary Living

by: Judith Miller

Vintage Home is both a practical collector’s guide – what to look out for – and a celebration of the..

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Konemann Loft Terraces Balconies Roof Gardens & Patios

by: Unknown

Konemann: Loft: Terraces, Balconies, Roof Gardens & Patios..

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Home Best Of Living DesignSecond Edition

by: Braun

As the focal point of everyday life, living spaces in residential buildings offer limitless design p..

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Print And Pattern 2

by: Marie Perkins

Print & Pattern 2 is the latest book from the cult Print & Pattern website that celebrates all aspec..

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100 Ways to Create a Great Ad

by: Tim Collins

100 Ways to Create a Great Ad is an accessible introduction to creative advertising techniques. Feat..

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Patina Style

by: Brooke Giannetti

The Giannettis have developed a home design style that embraces age, patina, weathered and worn surf..

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Figurative Art In Medieval Islam & The Riddle Of Bihzad Of Herat

by: Michael Barry

This groundbreaking work suggests how it might at last prove possible to crack the allegorical code ..

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WeCoaModern Architecture Interiors & Design

by: Zahid Sardar

Architects and designers are breaking new ground on the West Coast, incorporating tested ideas with ..

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Swim! Best Of Pool Design

by: Braun

From Olympic training pools to relaxing spas, child-friendly swimming complexes to private bathing f..

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The Art of the Tile Classic and Contemporary Designs for Every Interior

by: Jen Renzi

Durable and easy to clean, tile has been a popular practical material for thousands of years, but it..

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Roofing & Insulation

by: Mike Lofgren

Keeping a house weatherproof and in good condition is an ongoing task. Under constant attack from a ..

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Handloom & Handicrafts of Gujarat

by: Viloo Mirza & Vinutha Mallya

Handmade and handcrafted objects are a part of daily life in Gujurat. The crafts of Gujurat demonstr..

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The Staircase The Architecture of Ascent

by: Oscar Tusquets Blanca & Martine Diot

cation Date: 4 Nov 2013 The essential purpose of a staircase is utilitarian: to facilitate ascent an..

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The Architecture Of Natural Light

by: Henry Plummer

Newly available in paperback, The Architecture of Natural Light is the first publication to consider..

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Living In Istanbul

by: Jerome Darblay & Kenize Mourad

Istanbul has been the capital of Roman emperors, Byzantine despots, and Turkish sultans. Stretching ..

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Wood Houses

by: Unknown

While wood has been used in construction for thousands of years, researchers are still developing in..

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Portfolios for Interior Designers

by: Maureen Mitton

This highly illustrated introduction guides the interior designer through all of the steps needed to..

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