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The Hateful Eight

by: Quentin Tarantino

Academy Award-winning screenwriter Quentin Tarantino returns with his most infamous, most brilliant,..

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Ganga Jamuni


This book has resulted from the author's response to what she believed to be an assault, about ten y..

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Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep

by: Michael Schulman

A portrait of a woman, an era, and a profession: the first thoroughly researched biography of Meryl ..

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Indigo Angel Oracle Cards

by: Doreen Virtue PhD

Indigos are strong-willed, intuitive leaders with innate spiritual skills, including the ability to ..

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The Little Book Of Creativity

by: David E. Carter

Without a doubt, creative people get new ideas by seeing what other creative people are doing. The b..

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Dreamscapes Fantasy Worlds: Create Engaging Scenes and Landscapes in Watercolor

by: Stephanie Pui-Mon Law

Breathe Life Into Your Fantasy Worlds!Heroes and heroines seek their fortunes in mysterious forests...

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Kurt Vonnegut Drawings

by: Kurt Vonnegut

Those who know Kurt Vonnegut as one of America's most beloved andinfluential writers will be surpris..

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Secrets of Watercolor - From Basics to Special Effects (Essential Artist Techniques)

by: Joe Garcia

This is your complete guide to watercolor—from basic art concepts and techniques to fun special effe..

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Matthew Espinosa More Than Me

by: Matthew Wells

You may think you know everything about multiplatform entertainer Matthew Espinosa—but he’s here to ..

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The World Atlas of Street Fashion

by: Caroline Fourest

Filled with eye catching images of 100 styles from around the globe The World Atlas of Street F..

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On Stage with Lata

by: Mohan Deora

Lata Mangeshkar’s life and career are widely known and yet there is an aspect that remains largely u..

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Get the Scoop: Supernatural Girls

by: Josi Dashman

The female stars of the Twilight saga - Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Anna Kendrick an..

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Pakistan Between Mosque and Military

by: Husain Haqqani

Among U.S. allies in the war against terrorism, Pakistan cannot be easily characterized as either fr..

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Feluda @ 50

by: Boria Majumdar

In 1965, Satyajit Ray, drawing from the detective tradition made popular by characters such as Sherl..

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Get Started in Film Making: Teach Yourself

by: Sandi Mann

Covering every aspect of making a film, from scriptwriting, casting and cameras to lighting, financi..

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Lauren Conrad Styly

by: Lauren Conrad

Lifestyle and fashion icon Lauren Conrad, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Lauren Conrad ..

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Comedy Techniques: An Introduction for Aspiring Comedians (Performance Books)

by: Brian McKim

Comedy Techniques provides a highly accessible, comprehensive and colourful introduction to the key ..

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The Donnie Darko Book

by: Richard Kelly

'Extraordinary . . . Film of the year.' Sleazenation'Magnificently bizarre . . . Wonderful.'&nb..

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Art of Oz: The Great and Powerful

by: Skyy

Disney's magical fantasy adventure OZ will whisk viewers away down the yellow brick road into the aw..

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The Art of A Ramachandran

by: Ella Datta

The Art of A. Ramachandran (Pocket Art)..

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Kathak Dances of India

by: Shovana Narayan

Kathak, northern India's most popular dance form, originated in the Indo-Gangetic plains. The text o..

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by: Prasoon Joshi

A rare glimpse into the mind of one of the nations best loved poet-lyricists.Songs and music are..

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Bollywood in Posters

by: S M M Ausaja

The concept of hand-painted poster arrived in India with the cinema itself. So the story of poster a..

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Directing A Handbook for Emerging Theatre Directors Backstage

by: Rob Swain

The theatre director is one of the most critical roles in a successful drama company, yet there are ..

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