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Basic Business Communication

by: Raymond V. Lesikar

Basic Business Communication by Raymond V. Lesikar..

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Faster: 100 Ways to Improve Your Digital Life

by: Ankit Fadia

Faster: 100 Ways To Improve Your Digital Life is a compilation of tips and tricks by ethical hacker ..

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Is This Thing On? A Computer Handbook for Late Bloomers, Technophobes, and the Kicking and Screaming

by: Abby Stokes

The hand-holding guide to computers is now updated to show seniors how to use and enjoy the devices ..

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Effective Communication Essential Managers

by: James S O'Rourke

The practical guide that gives you the skills to succeed at effective communicationDK's Essentia..

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Smarter Than You Think How Technology is Changing Our Minds for the Better :

by: Clive Thompson

Our lives have been changed irrevocably by the rise of the internet. But as we rely more and more on..

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Dark Pools: The rise of AI trading machines and the looming threat to Wall Street

by: Scott Patterson

Dark Pools is the pacy, revealing, and profoundly chilling tale of how global markets have been hija..

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Power CuesThe Subtle Science of Leading Groups Persuading Othersand Maximizing Your Personal Impact

by: Nick Morgan

Take control of your communications--before someone else does What if someone told you that your beh..

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The Yes BookThe Art of Better Negotiation

by: Clive Rich

Negotiation is fundamental to our lives; whether it's getting your kids to eat their greens, making ..

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Talk Like TED: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the Worlds Top Minds

by: Carmine Gallo

TED and associated Tedx conferences are held in more than 130 countries and are being viewed at a ra..

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Emote : Using Emotions to Make Your Message Memorable

by: Vikas Gopal Jhingran

Emote: Using Emotions to Make Your Message Memorable, authored by Vikas Gopal Jhingran, is a book th..

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Winning @ Call Centre: Confessions of a Calling Agent

by: Madhukar Yadav

With the coming of call centres to India, a marked change is visible in the society. There's more mo..

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Taking Minutes Of Meetings 2nd Edition

by: Joanna Gutmann

Minutes are vital to the success of meetings. Attendees rely on them for information they may have m..

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Presentations: Proven Techniques for Creating Presentations That Get Results

by: Gary McClain

Presentations, Second Edition takes the anxiety out of creating dynamic presentations with a commons..

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Campaign It !

by: Alan Barnard

Campaign It! will improve the way you communicate and so enable you to achieve your desired outcomes..

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The Mysterious Eml

by: Anirban Basu

Banibrata Mazumdar, a business magnate, is greatly perturbed by a mysterious e-mail. He seeks the ad..

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