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Vikram Kamats Sales Magic

by: Vikram Kamat

The economy has changed, the rules have changed and so have your prospects. They don't need informat..

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The Economist Marketing for Growth The role of marketers in driving revenues and profits

by: Iain Ellwood

Marketing for Growth is a guide to how the marketing function within a business can and should becom..

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About Face: The Secrets of Emotionally Effective Advertising

by: Dan Hill

About Face shows how 21st century advertising can realize success by being 'on-emotion' first and fo..

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Achieving Sales Success and Business Growth Winning in the Trust and Value Economy

by: Meridith Elliott Powell

If you want to be successful in this economy, the first thing to realize is just how incredibly diff..

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Shopper Marketing

by: Markus Stahlberg & Ville Maila

The aim of shopper marketing is to convert browsing shoppers into active purchasers at the point of ..

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Principles And Practice Of Social Marketing An International Perspective

by: Rob Donovan

Principle & Practice of Social Marketing: An International Perspective..

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The Greatest Salesman in the World

by: Og Mandino

The author highlights the importance of following certain set of principles mentioned in the book fo..

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Everything You Need to Know about Marketing

by: Ros Taylor

If you are already in marketing, and would like to be, or are intrigued to know just what goes on in..

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High Impact Marketing That Gets Results

by: Ardi Kolah

High Impact Marketing That Gets Results is dedicated to helping marketing students and practitioners..

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Data Driven Marketing for Dummies

by: David Semmelroth

Embrace data and use it to sell and market your products Data is everywhere and it keeps growing and..

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How to Become a Billionaire by Selling Nothing

by: Aditya Megal

An eccentric entrepreneur's dreams of success are stepped on when a billionaire stock investor with ..

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Best Sellers: Because Everything is About Selling

by: Devang Kanavia , Tanveer Shaikh

An Potent Book capturing the Grass- Root concepts of selling, packaged in easy-to-read story that wo..

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Marketers Toolkit The 10 Strategies You Need To Succeed Harvard Buness Essentials

by: Harvard Business School

Covering everything from customer programs to ad campaigns to sales promotions, this is every market..

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Ogilvy On Advertising New Edition

by: Henry Wilson

Can a good company become a great one and, if so, how? After a five-year research project, Collins ..

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What The Customer Wants You

by: Ram Charan

What the Customer Wants You To Know: How Everybody Needs To Think Differently is Ram Charan’s take o..

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Corporate Blogging in India

by: Rajeev Karwal

A first of its kind, this book is a sincere attempt to consolidate developments in the area of busin..

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