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Cold Hard Truth on Men Women & Money: 50 Common Money Mistakes and How to Fix Them

by: Kevin O Leary

This is simple advice, but it s often the simple advice that s easy to swallow and hard to follow. K..

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What Great Brands Do: The Seven BrandBuilding Principles That Separate the Best from the Rest

by: Denise Lee Yohn

It′s tempting to believe that brands like Apple, Nike, and Zappos achieved their iconic statuses bec..

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Battlecry: Winning the battle for the mind with a slogan that kills - (PB)

by: Laura Ries

Why are most slogans and taglines ineffective? Because they’re just words and a mind cannot understa..

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Shoe Dog

by: Phil Knight

In 1962, fresh out of business school, Phil Knight borrowed $50 from his father and created a compan..

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Essentialism The Disciplined pursuit of less

by: Greg Mckeown

Do you often find yourself stretched too thin? Do you simultaneously feel overworked and underutiliz..

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The Miracle: The Epic Story of Asias Quest for Wealth

by: Michael Schuman

An international bestseller, The Miracle by business journalist Michael Schuman offers a fascinating..

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Family Law Law Express

by: Jonathan Herring

Understand quickly what is required, organise your revision, and learn the key points with ease, to ..

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The Unmanageable Consumer

by: Yiannis Gabriel

Each chapter posits a consumer model with examples from the international community. Readers are inv..

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Cases in Advertising and Marketing Management Real Situations for Tomorrow s Managers

by: Edd Applegate & Art Johnsen

The authors, a professor of advertising and an advertising agency executive, draw on their practical..

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Contemporary Ijtihad Limits And Controversies

by: Liaquat Ali Khan

The resurgence of Islam, geopolitical crises involving Muslim nations, violence associated with Isla..

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Rupas Little Book Of Time Management

by: Ajanta E Chakravarty

Time is a precious resource both irreplaceable and irreversible. We may not be able to capture time ..

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Blue Ocean Strategy

by: W. Chan Kim

The global phenomenon that has sold 3.5 million copies, is published in a record-breaking 43 languag..

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Under New Management: The Unexpected Truths About Leading Great Organizations

by: David Burkus

Nearly 70 per cent of employees in the UK aren't performing at their full potential. At the roots of..

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A Concise Guide to Macroeconomics English

by: David A Moss

Understanding the Ground Rules for the Global Economy In this revised and updated edition of "A Conc..

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UP The Innovators Hypothesis How Cheap Experiments Are Worth More than Good Ideas

by: Michael Schrage

What is the best way for a company to innovate? Advice recommending "innovation vacations" and the l..

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Understanding the Founding Fathers An Enquiry into the Indian Republics Beginnings

by: Rajmohan Gandhi

Nearly seventy years ago, the founding fathers of the Indian republic Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Neh..

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The Alchemists Three Central Bankers and a World on Fire

by: Neil Irwin

Irwin covered the Fed and other central banks from the earliest days of the crisis for the Washingto..

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Passion for Leadership Lessons on Change and Reform from Fifty Years of Public Service

by: Robert M Gates

From the former secretary of defense and author of the acclaimed #1 best-selling memoir Duty, a char..

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Development As Freedom

by: Amartya K. Sen

Freedom, Sen argues, is both the end and most efficient means of sustaining economic life and the ke..

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Earn what youre worth for

by: Brain Tracy

One of the most important assets you have is your earning ability: your ability to do something that..

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Fail Better: Design Smart Mistakes and Succeed Sooner

by: Anjali Sastry

If you're aiming to innovate, failure along the way is a given. But can you fail better? Whether you..

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R Guide to Building Your Business Case

by: Sheen

Get your idea off the ground. You've got a great idea that will increase revenue or boost productivi..

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Guide to Leading Teams

by: Mary Shapiro

Great teams don t just happen. How often have you sat in team meetings complaining to yourself, Why ..

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Red Notice A True Story of High Finance Murderand One Mans Fight for Justice

by: Bill Browder

November 2009. An emaciated young lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, is led to a freezing isolation cell in a..

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by: James O. Pyle , Maryann Karinch

The secret to finding out anything you want to know is amazingly simple: Ask good questions. Most pe..

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No God But GainThe Untold Story of Cuban Slaverythe Monroe Doctrineand the Making of the United States

by: Stephen Chambers

From 1501 to 1867 more than 12.5 million Africans were brought to the Americas in chains, and as man..

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Making Customers Matter

by: Fifty Lessons

Featuring Interviews with:William Johnson, H.J. Heinz Company Paul Skinner, Shell Oil Prod..

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StandOut 20 Asse Your Strengths Find Your EdgeWin at Work

by: Marcus Buckingham

The Groundbreaking Strengths Assessment from the Leader of the Strengths Revolution In the years sin..

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by: Sir Alex Ferguson, Sir Michael Moritz

In this revelatory new book, Sir Alex Ferguson dissects his 38 record-breaking years of management -..

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The Dark Inside

by: Rod Reynolds

1946, Texarkana: a town on the border of Texas and Arkansas. Disgraced New York reporter Charlie Yat..

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