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An Organizers Tale Penguin Classics -

by: cesar chavez

One of the most important civil rights leaders in American history, Cesar Chavez was a firm believe..

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Elizabeth Taylor: The Lady, the Lover, the Legend - 1932-2011 -

by: David Bret

At 1.28 a.m. on Wednesday, 23 March 2011, just three weeks after celebrating her 79th birthday, the ..

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Robert Louis Stevenson (Tell Me About)

by: John Malam

The story of the life of Robert Louis Stevenson is told in this book, which is one of a series foc..

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Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales -


Landon Reed is an ex-quarterback convicted of organizing a points-shaving scheme. During his time in..

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Alfred Hitchcock -

by: Peter Ackroyd

Alfred Hitchcock was a strange child. Fat, lonely, burning with fear and ambition, his childhood was..

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Prince: Inside the Music and the Masks

by: Ronin Ro

In over thirty years as one of the most original and charismatic figures in modern music, Prince Rog..

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Secrets And Lies

by: Jaishree Misra

The Secret History meets Daddy’s Girls as four old schoolfriends reunite after fifteen years in this..

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Love & War in Afghanistan

by: Alex Klaits & Gulchin Gulmamadova-Klaits

True stories of 14 ordinary men and women living in Northern Afghanistan now. In a quarter-century o..

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Burmese Days

by: George Orwell

Based on his experiences as a policeman in Burma, George Orwell's first novel presents a devastating..

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The Lost Boy

by: Harlan Ullman

As a child, Dave Pelzer was brutally beaten and starved by his mother. The world knew nothing of his..

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Its What I Do: A Photographers Life of Love and War

by: Lynsey Addario

War photographer Lynsey Addario’s memoir It’s What I Do is the story of how the relentless pursuit o..

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1984 The Anti Sikh Violence and After -

by: Sanjay Suri

As a journalist with The Indian Express, Sanjay Suri experienced the horror of the 1984 anti-Sikh vi..

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Meatless Days

by: Sara Suleri

This is a book that requires, and deserves utmost concentration in the reading. Missing out on a sin..

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Yours Jack: 365 Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration from His Personal Letters

by: C. S. Lewis

Yours, Jack: 365 Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration from His Personal Letters..

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A Scraook of Memories

by: Ashok Chopra

For nearly forty years, Ashok Chopra has been responsible for publishing some of the biggest names i..

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The Insiders View: Memoirs of a Public Servant

by: Javid Chowdhury

Broad brush analyses of the changing face of the bureaucracy In this illuminating memoir Javid Chowd..

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At Large in the World: A Memoir

by: Harish Chandola

Sixty years ago, journalism wasn't a glamorous profession in India. There were only a few reporters ..

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Apathy for the Devil

by: Nick Kent

Pitched somewhere between Almost Famous and Withnail & I, Apathy for the Devil is a unique docum..

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Come Back To Afghanistan

by: Said Hyder Akbar

Said Hyder Akbar's ordinary suburban Californian life was turned upside-down after September 11th. H..

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A Spy Among Friends -

by: Ben Macintyre

Kim Philby was the greatest spy in history, a brilliant and charming man who rose to head Britain’s ..

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Two Lives

by: Vikram Seth

His great uncle Shanti left India for medical school in Berlin in the 1930s and lodged with a German..

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Khushwant Singh The Legend Lives On

by: Rahul Singh

He was an acerbic critic, lover of life, words and all beautiful things, an editor par excellence an..

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A Life in Words Memoirs

by: Ismat Chughtai

Provides a delightful account of several crucial years of her life. Alongside vivid descriptions of ..

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Vintage Cowasjee A Selection of writings from Dawn 1984 2011 -

by: Amina Jilani

Vintage Cowasjee is a selection of some 200 columns from the writings of Ardeshir Cowasjee that have..

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The Good Girls Revolt How the Women of week Sued their Bosses and Changed the Workplace -

by: Lynn Povich

It was the 1960s--a time of economic boom and social strife. Young women poured into the workplace, ..

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A Glimpse of Empire -

by: Jessica Douglas-Home

This is the story of a young Anglo-Irish-beauty’s visit to Delhi for the 1911 Royal darbar, where a ..

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Gangster Squad The true story of the Battle for Los Angeles -

by: Paul Lieberman

'The shadowy Gangster Squad was formed in 1946 with eight men operating out of two rusted old Fords...

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Stieg: From Activist to Author -

by: Jan-Erik Pettersson

Until the posthumous publication of the Millennium Trilogy, Stieg Larsson was probably best known fo..

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Stones into School -

by: Greg Mortenson

In this dramatic first-person narrative, Greg Mortenson picks up where Three Cups of Tea left off in..

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Return to Bhanupur -

by: Giles Tillotson

It is the first duty of kingship to be as the people wish to see me. This fictional account of event..

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