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by: Luca Caioli

they sparked a rivalry like no other; Messi vs Ronaldo.The seasons that have followed have been tr..

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Bone by Bone

by: Sanjida Kay

When Autumn fails to return home from school one day, Laura goes looking for her. She finds a crowd ..

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Trainspotting Mark Renton series Book 2

by: Irvine Welsh

Choose us. Choose life. Choose mortgage payments; choose washing machines; choose cars; choose sitti..

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Germany and Propaganda in World War I: Pacifism Mobilization and Total War

by: David Welch

Adolf Hitler, writing in Mein Kampf, was scathing in his condemnation of German propaganda in World ..

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by: Romesh Gunesekera

At the age of eleven, Triton goes to work as a houseboy to Mister Salgado, a marine biologist obsess..

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The Unforgiving Minute: A Soldiers Education

by: Craig M Mullaney

In this surprise bestseller, West Point grad, Rhodes scholar, Airborne Ranger, and U. S. Army Captai..

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The Essays A Selection Penguin Classics

by: Michel Montaigne

A survey of one of the giants of Renaissance thought, The Essays: A Selection collects some of Miche..

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If the Oceans Were Ink An Unlikely Friendship and a Journey to the Heart of the Quran

by: Carla Power

If the Oceans Were Ink is Carla Power's eye-opening story of how she and her longtime friend Sheikh ..

Rs 2095 Rs 1,990.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,990.25

Flying Without A Net Turn Fear Of Change Into Fuel For Succe

by: Thomas J. Delong

Confronted by omnipresent threats of job loss and change, even the brightest among us are anxious. I..

Rs 2295 Rs 2,180.25 Ex Tax: Rs 2,180.25

I Knew Youd Be Lovely

by: Alethea Black

Alethea Black's deeply moving and wholly original debut features a coterie of memorable characters w..

Rs 1150 Rs 1,092.50 Ex Tax: Rs 1,092.50