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Sufism The Mysticism of Islam

by: Reynold A Nicholson

The Mystics of Islam, first published in 1914, has long been recognized as a classic and definitive ..

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IS ISLAM SECULARIZABLE? Is the third and final volume of essays by Sadik al-Azm on the broad theme o..

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It IS About IslamThe Control Series

by: Glenn Beck

#1 bestselling author and radio host Glenn Beck exposes the real truth behind the roots of Islamic e..

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The Vision of Islam

by: Sachiko Murata, William Chittick

This introduction to Islam for Western readers explores the fundamental religious beliefs held by Mu..

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Ramadan Mubarak Fazail o Fawaid

by: Unknown

Ramzan-ul-Mubarak Ahkam-o-Masail Aur Fazail-o-Fawaid by Hafiz Salahuddin Yousaf..

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The light within Islam

by: Baseel Muhammad Al Mahayni

he religion of Islam in recent events has been misinterpreted. This book was created for those inter..

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The Reflective Heart

by: James Winston Morris

The Reflective Heart: Discovering Spiritual Intelligence by James Winston Morris..

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Al Qushayris Epistle on Sufism

by: Alexander D Knysh

Al-Qushayri's Epistle On Sufism by Professor Alexander D.Knysh & Dr. Muhammad Eissa..

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Scientific Miracles in the Oceans and Animals

by: Yusuf Al Hajj Ahmad

Water is the substance of life, the magic elixir without which life on this planet would be impossib..

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Shia Islam and Identity Religion Politics and Change in the Global Muslim Community

by: Lloyd Ridgeon

The contemporary world is increasingly regarded as a global community in which traditional patterns ..

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Quran Stories For Young Readers The Army Walks Through The V

by: Saniyasnain Khan

The Army Walks Through the Valley BY Saniyasnain Khan This series will help children appreciate how ..

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An Extraordinary Experience Prophet Muhammad For Little Hearts

by: Saniyasnain Khan

This title is a beautifully illustrated and creatively written story about the life of the Prophet M..

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A Z Steps To Leadership

by: Abdul G. Ahamed Barrie

To excel in leadership, one must have very special qualities. Some acquire such qualities as they gr..

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Muhammad All That Matters

by: Ziauddin Sardar

'A pioneering writer on Islam' - GuardianWho was the real Muhammad?Muhammad: All That Matters, by..

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Quran Stories For Young ReadersThe Camel And The Evil People

by: Saniyasnain Khan

An attractive picture book and story about the Prophet Salih [As] and his people...

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Im Learning About The Prophet Muhammad

by: Saniyasnain Khan

The Book presents a very brief life of the Prophet Muhammad in a manner suitable for very young chil..

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The Heirs Of The Prophet Muhammad

by: Barnaby Rogerson

The Prophet Muhammad taught the word of God to the Arabs. Within a generation of his death, his foll..

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Holy War The Crusades And Their Impact On Todays World

by: Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong, bestselling author of A History of God, skillfully narrates this history of the Cru..

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Inside Islam 101 Questions And Answers

by: Shaik Kadir

"Inside Islam" - is a guidebook that has been structured into a Q&A format. Written in chapters ..

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The Quest For Meaning: Developing A Philosophy Of Pluralism

by: Tariq Ramadan

In The Quest for Meaning, Tariq Ramadan, philosopher and Islamic scholar, invites the reader to join..

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