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Batman Detective Comics HC Vol 8

by: Peter j.Tomasi

Following the events of "Endgame," get ready to ride with the GCPD in a whole new city! There's a n..

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Epic Big Nate

by: Lincoln Peirce

If there's one word that Big Nate would use to describe himself, it would be E-P-I-C! And so is thi..

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Office Wit and Wisdom: An Appreciation of Corporate Life

by: Tracey Turner

The average office will sap you of your lifeblood if you don't find a way to laugh through the pain...

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Everybody Poos - ( HB )

by: Taro Gomi

All living things do different sorts of poo. Some are different colours, others have different smell..

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The Grumpy Old Git's Guide to Life

by: Geoff Tibballs

From Bob Geldof to Winston Churchill, Jeremy Clarkson to Victor Meldrew, the world has always produc..

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I Love You With Custard On Top: and other notes from the wilder shores of love

by: Oonagh O Hagan

Have you ever called someone 'fluffle bunny'? Have you ever sent a text saying 'it's not you, it's m..

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That Is All

by: John Hodgman

John Hodgman-bestselling author, "The Daily Show"'s "Resident Expert," minor television celebrity, a..

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The Ultimate Book of Heroic Failures

by: Stephen Pile

Anyone can be a success, but it takes real and original genius to foul up big time. These are the al..

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But You Like Really Dated?!: The Celebropedia of Hollywood Hookups

by: Ryan Casey

For the celebrity obsessed, Ryan Casey’s pop-culture compendium But You Like Really Dated?!&nbs..

Rs 1395 Rs 1,325.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,325.25

You Have to Fucking Eat

by: Adam Mansbach

From the author of the international best seller GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP comes a book about the other g..

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Princess Mirror-Belle

by: Julia Donaldson

Ellen gets a big shock when her double appears out of the bathroom mirror. But Mirror-Belle is a dou..

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Archies Giant Kids Joke Book

by: Archie Superstars

Archie's Giant Kids' Joke Book is jam-packed with over 300 classic Archie jokes that will tickle bot..

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Sideways Stories from Wayside School

by: Unknown

There'd been a terrible mistake. Wayside School was supposed to be built with thirty classrooms all ..

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Fun with Riddles

by: Terry O Brien

A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for over five minutes. Finally, she hangs..

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Artfolds Yoda Yoda and the Force Art Folds Color Editions

by: George Lucas

This ArtFolds book is more than just a book! Inside are simple instructions that show readers how to..

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All That Glitters

by: Holly Smale

“My name is Harriet Manners, and I have always been a geek.” The fourth book in the award-winning G..

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the Third Book of General Ignorance

by: John Lloyd And John Mitchinson

The Third Book of General Ignorance gathers together 180 questions, both new and previously featured..

Rs 1095 Rs 1,040.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,040.25

The Gardeners Son

by: Meg Cabot

The Gardener's Son is the tale of two families: the wealthy Greggs, who own the local cotton mill, a..

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A Walk in the Woods Movie Tiein Edition Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail

by: Bill Bryson

The Appalachian Trail trail stretches from Georgia to Maine and covers some of the most breathtaking..

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The Most Awesome Handbook

by: Unknown

Cool magnetic closure on locker styled format for boys to record and keep safe their thoughts and id..

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Khushwant Singhs Big Fat Joke Book

by: Khushwant Singh

Ribald, rib-tickling and outrageous, Khushwant Singh's inimitable brand of humour has made him a leg..

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Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops

by: Jen Campbell

'Can books conduct electricity?' 'My children are just climbing your bookshelves: that's ok... isn't..

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Why Men Can Do Only One Thing at a Time: And Women Never Stop Talking

by: Allan Pease & Barbara Pease

Presents an enlightening look at the difference between men and women. This title draws on nre findi..

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The Diary of a Reluctant Feminist

by: Bhavna Bhavna

The Diary of a Reluctant Feminist is a book about a young woman and her desperate attempt to seek pe..

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The Canning Season

by: Polly Horvath

Out of the blue, Ratchet Clark's ill-natured mother packs her daughter on to a train to spend the su..

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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

by: Judy Blume

It's problems, problems every minute of the day. Peter believes he has the biggest problem in the sh..

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Stickman Odyssey Book 2: The Wrath of Zozimos

by: Christopher Ford

Greek tragedy has never been so funny Zozimos' journey to the kingdom of Sticatha has been anything..

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Wuthering Hearts

by: Kay Woodward

Passion, the Yorkshire moors, a wild and handsome stranger . . . sound familiar? When Robert arrive..

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by: F R Hitchcock

After Tom moves in with his grandmother next to the Bywater-by-Sea Model Village, he makes a wish on..

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Sidesplitters Champion Crack Ups

by: Macmillan

This winning joke book takes the gold medal!..

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Sidesplitters Its A Gas

by: Macmillan

This hilarious joke book is bursting with the stinkiest, smelliest jokes around!..

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Big Nate Makes the Grade

by: Lincoln Peirce

Nate Wright is known to his pals and teachers for many things, his penchant for mischief and his sch..

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