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What the Moon is Like

by: Franklyn M. Branley

Imagine that you're walking on the moon. What is it like? For thousands of years people looked up a..

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The Cartoon Guide to Physics

by: Larry Gonick

If you think a negative charge is something that shows up on your credit card bill -- if you imagine..

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50 Science Things to Make and Do

by: Kate Knighton & Georgina Andrews

A handy book that contains 50 stimulating activities such as: make your own foaming monsters, hangin..

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Star Wars Rebels Be a "trooper" Draw right inside this book Klutz S

by: Klutz

Learn to draw all the Rebel characters with Star Wars: Draw the Rebels. Children can learn to draw t..

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Angry Birds Explore the World National Geographic Kids

by: National Geographic Kids

Young readers are invited to travel the world with the wildly popular Angry Birds characters as thei..

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Life on Mars

by: Jennifer Brown

Twelve-year-old Arcturus Betelgeuse Chambers comes from a family of stargazers and his quest to find..

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The Islands of Chaldea

by: Diana Wynne Jones

Aileen is convinced she’ll never become as magical as her Aunt Beck. Then one day her aunt is set..

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National Geographic Kids Almanac 2015

by: National Geographic

The world's best-selling almanac for kids is back! This New York Times bestseller is packed with inc..

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The Third Chimpanzee On the Evolution and Future of the Human Animal

by: Jared Diamond

This new, illustrated edition is aimed at a young readership. In it, Jared Diamond explores what mak..

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The Rithmatist

by: Brandon Sanderson

Joel is fascinated by the magic of Rithmatics, but few have the gift and he is not one of them. Unda..

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Terribly Funny Monsters

by: Olivia Evans

In the country of monsters, kids will get spooked and have fun discovering the monster way of life. ..

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National Geographic Kids Everything MythologyBegin Your Quest for FactsPhotosand Fun Fit for Gods and Goddesses

by: Blake Hoena

National Geographic Everything Mythology is jam packed with fascinating facts and awe-inspiring imag..

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Dinosaurs in a Box

by: Gina Shaw

The IN A BOX series pairs complementary fiction, nonfiction, and activities, offering young readers ..

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Dolphins & Whales in a Box

by: Gina Shaw

IN A BOX pairs complementary fiction, nonfiction, and activities, offering young readers different w..

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Disgusting Science

by: Glenn Murphy

Glenn Murphy, author of Why is Snot Green?, explains how being revolted (and sometimes being revolti..

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Galileo Galilei

by: Bailey G

Galileo Galilei was a true man of science. He was a visionary mathematician, physicist and astronome..

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Angry Birds Playground: Rain Forest: A Forest Floor to Treetop Adventure

by: Jill Esbaum

Follow along with your favorite Angry Birds characters as they go on an incredible adventure through..

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by: Unknown

Adventure into the animal kingdom and meet some weird and wonderful creatures, from bugs to bats, cr..

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The Apprentices Handbook

by: Dugald Steer & Clint Twist

A companion to the best-selling "Wizardology", this book features twenty-four lessons in "Wizardolog..

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Ideas and Opinions

by: Albert Einstein

Ideas and Opinions is the definitive collection of Einstein s writing, including scientific writings..

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National Geographic Readers: Weather

by: National Geographics

What causes thunder and lightning? How do different clouds form? What makes a tornado twist? Kids wi..

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National Geographic Readers: Swing Sloth!: Explore the Rain Forest

by: Susan B Neuman

Come along on an adventure through the rain forest. Along the way, you'll meet new friends big and s..

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Speed Machines Explore Your World: Awesome

by: Unknown

In the world of speed and technology, superior performance and edge-of-your-seat power are everythin..

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The Finisher

by: David Balducci

Until one girl, Vega Jane, discovers a map that suggests a mysterious world beyond the walls. A worl..

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Scholastic Study Smart Letters

by: Joan Novelli

This is excellent for schools, teachers, parents...

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Scholastic Study Smart Writing Skills Builder Level 1

by: Scholastic

Provides in-depth coverage of key writing skills and helps students acquire techniques to improve th..

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Smart Numbers 1 to 30

by: Joan Novelli

Numbers 1 to 30 reinforces your child’s classroom learning of number recognition, number formation, ..

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Encyclopedia Library Geography Natural Wonders

by: Pegasus

This particular category focuses on our beautiful planet Earth. Replete with valuable information an..

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