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The Polished Mirror: Storytelling and the Pursuit of Virtue in Islamic Philosophy and Sufism

by: Cyrus Ali Zargar

Islamic philosophy and Sufism evolved as distinct yet interweaving strands of Islamic thought and pr..

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The House of Islam: A Global History

by: Ed Husain

'Islam began as a stranger,' said the Prophet Mohammed, 'and one day, it will again return to being ..

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Islam as it is

by: Wahiduddin Khan

Jazakallah khair Maulana wahiduddin khan sahb...Allah apko bohat ajar dy Allah apko dunya akhirat ma..

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Russia's Muslim Heartlands Islam in the Putin Era

by: Dominic Rubin

Moscow has the largest Muslim population of any city in Europe. In 2015, some 2 million Muslim Musco..

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Sufis, Salafis and Islamists: The Contested Ground of British Islamic Activism

by: Sadek Hamid

British Muslim activism has evolved constantly in recent decades. What have been its main groups and..

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Introducing Islam: A Graphic Guide

by: Ziauddin Sardar

Islam is one of the world's great monotheistic religions. Islamic culture, spanning 1,500 years, has..

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The Challenge of Islam: The Prophetic Tradition

by: Norman O. Brown

The Prophetic Tradition: The Challenge of Islam is an enlightening set of lectures given by Nor..

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The Daily Lives of Muslims: Islam and Public Confrontation in Contemporary Europe

by: Nilüfer Göle

For many in the West, Islam has become a byword for terrorism. From 9/11 to the Paris attacks, our h..

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Face to Face with Political Islam

by: Francois Burgat

The portrayal of Islamic movements as a tide of religious fanaticism threatening the West, and major..

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A Religion and Politics in Modern Iran (International Library of Iranian Studies)

by: Lloyd V. J. Ridgeon

The first comprehensive anthology of texts to do justice to modern Iranian political thought contain..

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40 Hadiths for Children

by: Adem Garip

It is a strong tradition in Islam that any Muslim learns and memorises at least forty sayings (hadit..

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Reflections on the Qur'an: Commentaries on Selected Verses

by: M Fethullah Gulen

The Qur'an is believed by Muslims to be the final word of God revealed to humanity through Prophet M..

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From MTV to Mecca: How Islam Inspired My Lif

by: Kristiane Backer

Kristiane Backer was one of the very first presenters on MTV Europe. She gained a cult following and..

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Fast According to the Quran and Sunnah

by: Professor Muhammad Zulfiqar

Saum (Fast) is a third Pillar of Islam. Allah's Messenger said, Allah says: Every deed of the son of..

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Islam After Liberalism

by: Faisal Devji

Leading scholars discuss how 'Islam' and 'liberalism' have been entwined historically and politicall..

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Convert, The

by: Deborah Baker

What drives a young woman raised in a postwar New York City suburb to convert to Islam, abandon her ..

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by: Muhittin Akgül

An Introduction to Qur anic Exegesis: Tafsir is a comprehensive textbook for the Qur'anic studies. I..

Rs 1995 Rs 1,895.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,895.25

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