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Emad Ud-Din Zangi

by: Sadiq Hussain Sideequi

Written By Sadiq Hussain Sidique is a Good Urdu History Novels.This Book&nb..

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Global Security Watch Pakistan

by: Syed Farooq Hasnat

This book details the domestic security concerns of Pakistan, encompassing the dangers of insurgenci..

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Tareekh E Masumi -

by: Dr Muhmudul Hasan Siddiqi

Tareekh E Masumi By Dr Muhmudul Hasan Siddiqi..

Rs 1300 Rs 1,235.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,235.00

Urdu Adab Ki Tashkeel e Jadeed -

by: Nasir Abbas Nayyar

In the present work, taking the concept of real and mythical identity from Nigerian author Chinua Ac..

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The God of My Idolatry Memories and Reflections

by: Zia Mohyeddin

In pakistan his highly acclaimed 'Zia Mohyuddin Show' became the paradigm of tasteful entertainment ..

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Aik General Ki Pur Israr Sargashat -

by: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Aik General Ki Pur Israr Sargashat (The General In His Labrinth)..

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Pakistan Ki Siyasat Mushahidat O Tasuraat -

by: Peter Pannke

Pakistan Ki Siyasat:Mushahidat-O-Tasuraat by Peter Pannke..

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Sabz o Safaid Hilali Parcham kay Muhafiz o Shuhada -

by: Azam Mairaj

Sabz-o-Safaid Hilali Parcham kay Muhafiz o Shuhada by Azam Mairaj..

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Haider Ali -

by: Iqtidar Husain Siddiqui

Haider Ali by Iqtidar Husain Siddiqui..

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Ibn E Khaldun -

by: Muhammad Abdullah Enan

Ibn E Khaldun by Muhammad Abdullah Enan..

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Undalas Ka tarikhi jughrafia

by: Muhammad Inayatullah

Undalas Ka tarikhi jughrafia by Muhammad Inayatullah..

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Hum Bhi Wahin Mojoud Thay -

by: Akhtar Waqar Azeem


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Ottoman Turkey Ataturk & Muslim S Asia

by: M. Naeem Qureshi

This book examines the South Asian perceptions of and responses to the political events that unfolde..

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Corzon India

by: Dhara Anjaria

George Curzon was arguably India’s most aspiring Viceroy; he came out with the intention to reform a..

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The Land of Ataturk

by: Manzar Naqvi

The Land of Ataturk By Manzar Naqvi..

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The Talban Revival

by: Hassan Abbas

In autumn 2001, U.S. and NATO troops were deployed to Afghanistan to unseat the Taliban rulers, repr..

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Qilaa Jangi

by: Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Qilaah-I Jangi: Navil By Mustansar Hussain Tarar..

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The Trial of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and the Superior Judiciary in Pakistan

by: Syed Sami Ahmad

The Book deals with the life of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto as Prime Minister of Pakistan a well as with his..

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Umru Ayar

by: Hasan Ansari

The comic book tells the tale of Umru and his adventures in and out of the magical realms and mystic..

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Dos and Donts M A Jinnah

by: Syed Muhammad Zakerya Kazmi

The “dos & don’ts” of Quaid-e-Azam are like a mine of useful treasure and speak for themselves. ..

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by: Abdurrahman Bijnouri

It was in 1921 that Baba-e Urdu Moulavi ‘Abdul Haqq published this celebrated essay of Dr. ‘Abdurrra..

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