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Forced Marriage: Introducing a Social Justice and Human Rights Perspective

by: Aisha K Gill

Forced Marriage: Introducing a social justice and human rights perspective brings together leading p..

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The 3 Keys to Empowerment : Release the Power Within People for Astonishing Results

by: Ken Blanchard

As Ken Blanchard, John Carlos, and Alan Randolph clearly demonstrated in their previous bestseller, ..

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Dawn Breslins Guide To Super Confidence

by: Unknown

Do you ever wish that you were more self-assured? Do you worry how you come across to others? Do you..

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Group Discussion and Interview Skills + VCD

by: Priyadarshi Patnaik

Group Discussion and Interview Skills (With CD) 1st Edition, authored by Priyadarshi Patnaik, helps ..

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by: Hugh Prather

Standing on My Head is intensely personal--and just as intensely universal. In this little volume, H..

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Success Intelligence

by: Robert Holden

ARE YOU LIVING A SUCCESSFUL LIFE? Do you have a vision? Do you enjoy your work? Are your relationshi..

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Beyond the MBA Hype A Guide to Understanding and Surviving BSchools

by: Sameer Kamat

This is primarily because the MBA selection process and the parameters considered by the top busines..

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The Brain A Beginners guide

by: Ammar Al Chalabi

It has been remarked that if the brain were so simple we could understand it, we would be so simple ..

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Inspirational Living

by: Dr. Jan Yager

I have learned about life that when we live wholly, we live holy. I have been searching for ways to ..

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A Cup Of Comfort For Adoptive Famalies

by: Colleen Sell ( Editor )

It takes a loving and caring couple to bring an adopted child into their home. And every year, thous..

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Guardians of Being: Spiritual Teachings from Our Dogs and Cats -

by: Eckhart Tolle

This wonderfully unique collaboration brings together two masters of their fields, joining original ..

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Alcohol Nation How To Protect Our Children From Todays Drinking Culture

by: Dr. Aric Sigman

We are a nation that loves to drink. And we're passing the habit on to our children. But a growing b..

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The Wife A Novel

by: Meg Wolitzer

The moment Joan Castleman decides to leave her husband, they are thirty-five thousand feet above the..

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Chicken Soup for the Wine Lovers Soul

by: Jack Canfield

Are you a bona-fide wine connoisseur, investing in rare vintages--or a neophyte just learning to app..

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Chicken Soup For The Soul Teens Talk Growing Up

by: Jack Canfield

This book supports and inspires teenagers as they grow up, and reminds them they are not alone, as t..

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Chicken Soup For The Indian Soul 101 Stories To Open The Heart A

by: Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup For The Indian Soul: 101 Stories to Open The Heart And Rekindle The Spirit is a collect..

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Chicken Soup for the Coffee Lovers Soul

by: Jack Canfield

er great-grandchildren seemed to understand that she was fragile, and they would always slow down wh..

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The Psychology of Love Penguin Modern Classics

by: Sigmund Freud

This volume brings together Freud's main contributions to the psychology of love. His illuminating d..

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The Art of Good Manners Gift Book

by: The Bodleian Library

In taking soup do not gurgle or make throat noises. Speak well of others or not at all is a good rul..

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How to Be Bored The School of Life

by: Eva Hoffman

Lethargic inactivity can be debilitating and depressing; but for those living in the modern world, t..

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Language Gender and Power

by: Shahid Siddiqui

The book focuses on the role of language as a powerful tool in representing and structuring the worl..

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Its All About Change

by: Osho

Everyone, regardless of nationality, religion, or political beliefs, has a sense of the current cris..

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SuperBetter How a gameful life can make you stronger happier braver and more resilient

by: Jane McGonigal

After suffering a brain injury, Jane McGonigal came up with a game to help aid her recovery and batt..

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Os Little Guide to Finding Your True Purpose Os Little Books/Guides

by: The Editors Of O The Oprah Magazine

From the beginning, readers have come to O for help in figuring out who they were meant to be. O's L..

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The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work A Practical Guide from the Countrys Foremost Relationship Expert

by: John Gottman Ph.D

With more than a million copies sold worldwide, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work has re..

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Soulshaping A Journey of SelfCreation

by: Jeff Brown

Soulshaping is the inspiring memoir of an archetypal "male warrior"–a trial lawyer–who struggled to ..

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The Map of Heaven A neuro surgeon explores the profound mysteries of the after life

by: Dr Eben Alexander III

When Dr Eben Alexander wrote about his own startling near-death experience in Proof of Heaven, he wa..

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Just for Preteens

by: Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Just for Preteens helps readers as they navigate those tough preteen year..

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Status Syndrome: How Your Place on the Social Gradient Directly Affects Your Health

by: Michael Marmot

Why do Oscar winners live for an average of four years longer than other Hollywood actors? Who expe..

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Chicken Soup for the Italian Soul

by: Jack Canfield

At the first convocation address at IIT Kharagpur, Jawaharlal Nehru said - �Here, stands the fine mo..

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The Art of Creative Thinking

by: Rod Judkins

Rod Judkins, of the world-famous St Martin's College of Art, has studied successful creative thinker..

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by: Greg Mckeown

Do you simultaneously feel overworked and underutilized? Are you often busy but not productive? Do..

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