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Collins Gem Russian Dictionary (Collins Gem)

by: Na

The Collins Gem Russian Dictionary offers the learner of Russian extensive and up-to-date coverage o..

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For the Best Teacher in the World

by: Unknown

'Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.' Japanese proverb ..

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Schofield & Sims An Essential School Dictionary

by: E W Hobson

Schofield and Sims (An Essential School Dictionary) By E W Hobson...

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Random House Websters Pocket Japanese Dictionary

by: Tony Geiss

Random House Webster's Pocket Japanese Dictionary is primarily intended for two types of English-spe..

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The World in a Phrase: A History of Aphorisms

by: James Geary

What a pleasant, personal, thoughtful little book--and on such an unlikely subject. "Aphorisms are t..

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Neverisms A Quotation Lovers Guide to Things You Should Never Do Never Say Or Never Forget

by: Dr.Mardy Grothe

From Mardy Grothe, the author of Ifferisms,Oxymoronica,and I Never Met a Metaphor IDidn’t Like, come..

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Collins Big Cat Picture Dictionary

by: Evelyn Goldsmith

With over 1000 illustrated words, Collins Big Cat Picture Dictionary is a great way to build up your..

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The CIA World Factbook 2012

by: Central Intelligence Agency

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, The CIA World Factbook 2012 offers complete and up-to-date information..

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Dictionary Of Medical Terms Fifth Edition

by: Unknown

This fully revised edition of the Dictionary of Medical Terms" now includes over 12,500 terms from B..

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Is That a Fish in Your Ear?: The Amazing Adventure of Translation

by: David Bellos

People speak different languages, and always have. The Ancient Greeks took no notice of anything unl..

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Collins Cobuild English Learners Dictionary with Arabic

by: Unknown

Collins COBUILD English Learner’s Dictionary with Arabic is a brand-new, illustrated dictionary aime..

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Collins Workplace English Collins English for Business

by: James Schofield

Do you want to speak and write English better at work? Meet Jasmine Goodman, personal assistant. Sh..

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Collins Pocket English Dictionary and Thesaurus

by: Collins

This new edition of Collins Pocket Dictionary and Thesaurus ensures you’ll always have the words you..

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Collins Popular English Dictionary

by: Collins

This new title from Collins gives clear definitions, spelling and grammar tips, making it an ideal r..

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Cambridge Essential English Dictionary Cambridge Essential Eng Dictio

by: Sarah Hilliard

Mapped to a ground-breaking research programme, English Profile, this brand new edition of the Cambr..

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The Penguin Guide to Punctuation Penguin Reference Books


The Penguin Guide to Punctuation is indispensable for anyone who needs to get to grips with using pu..

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The Penguin Dictionary of Economics: Eighth Edition

by: Graham Bannock, R.e. Baxter & Evan

The Penguin Dictionary of Economics explains a host of economic terms, from acceleration principle t..

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Write Business Letters 1st Edition

by: Ann Dobson

This book will help you to tackle your day-to-day business correspondence successfully. Intended for..

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Instant Vocabulary

by: IDA Ehrlich

"Instant Vocabulary" offers an easy step-by-step approach to an understanding of thousands of words ..

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Easy Learning English Conversation

by: HarperCollins India

Collins Easy Learning English Conversation, is an invaluable resource for individuals who want to ma..

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Collins Easy Learning How To Use English

by: HarperCollins India

The easiest way to succeed in English Easy Learning How to use English is part of the bestselling..

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30 days to a more powerful vocabulary

by: Dr. Wilfred Funk

- Do you misuse and mispronounce some words? - Do you sometimes find yourself at a loss to express ..

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Easy Learning English Vocabulary

by: HarperCollins India

The easiest way to succeed in English 1-Easy Learning English Vocabulary is part of the bestselli..

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Random House JapaneseEnglish EnglishJapanese Dictionary

by: Seigo Nakao


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Teach Yourself Complete Spoken Arabic

by: Frances Altorfer

This product is most effective when used in conjunction with the corresponding audio support. - Y..

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Collins Gem Japanese Dictionary Japanese and English Edition

by: Kolektif

Collins Japanese Gem Dictionary offers learners extensive and up-to-date coverage of Japanese and En..

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Collins Gem EnglishJapanese Dictionary Collins Gem

by: Collins Gem

The Collins English-Japanese Gem Dictionary covers all the words and phrases learners need, making i..

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