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I will Find My Way Anthology Short Stories

by: Maniza Naqvi

The anthology is a testament to the talent of new writers from Pakistan. This collection of stories—..

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The Tigers Of Baluchistan

by: Sylvia Matheson

For five years, the author lived among the Bugtis, traditionally known as the tigers of Baluchistan,..

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The Performance of Emotion among Paxtun Women The Misfortunes Which Have Befallen Me

by: Benedicte Grima

Based on her extensive experiences of tribal life in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the author describes ..

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SINDH through History and Representations

by: Edited by Michel Boivin

The book aims to make available to English readers the world over the research studies carried out b..

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TheHistory of Pashtun Migration

by: Robert Nichols

This interregional history of South Asian and Indian Ocean migration in the modern period from 1775..

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The Unconquered People

by: John O’Brien

This book explores the history, ethnography and liberation journey of an aboriginal, forest-dwelling..

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The Pathans

by: Olaf Caroe

This is the foremost work on the social and political history of the Pathans, from 550 BC to AD 1957..

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Artefacts of Devotion A Sufi Repertoire of the Qalandariyya in Sehwan Sharif Sindh Pakistan

by: Michel Boivin

The book is an attempt to introduce the "words and things" which are produced by the Sufi brotherhoo..

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At the Shrine of the Red Sufi: Five Days and Nights on Pilgrimage in Pakistan

by: Jurgen Wasim Frembgen

Refuge for the Taliban, nuclear power, terror camps, sinister secret police and assassinations-this ..

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Images of Afghanistan: Exploring Afghan Culture through Art and Literature

by: Arley Loewen

Images of Afghanistan, an edited collection in the non-fiction Cultural/ Social genre provides the f..

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Pashtun Migrants in the Northern Areas of Pakistan

by: Matthias Weinreich

Drawing primarily on oral sources from the author’s own research carried out between 1993 and 1997, ..

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Comparing Cities: The Middle East and South Asia

by: Kamran Asdar Ali

These articles seek to highlight the changing social dynamics in Middle Eastern and South Asian citi..

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