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Culture Of Encounters Sanskrit At The Mughal Court

by: Audrey Truschke

Told by the authority on the subject, Culture of Encounters gives us insight into how and why the Mu..

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Fundamentals of Rumis Thought

by: Sefik Can

Fundamentals of Rumi's Thought: A Mevlevi Sufi Perspective..

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Sufism and Beyond Sufi Thought in the Light of Late 20th C Science

by: Ali Ansari

Sufism and Beyond: Sufi Thought in the Light of Late 20th Century Science..

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Ocean of Cobras

by: Murad Ali Baig

In 1658 the magnificent Mughal Empire was on the brink of a precipice. Though it was at the peak of ..

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Imperial Identity in Mughal Empire

by: Lisa Balabanlilar

Having monopolized Central Asian politics and culture for over a century, the Timurid ruling elite w..

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The Mughal World

by: Abraham Eraly

The Mughal emperors were larger-than-life figures, men written on a supra-human scale who exercised ..

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