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Debriefing the President The Interrogation of Saddam Hussein

by: John Nixon

What Saddam told John Nixon during the conversations he had with him after his capture in late 200..

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The Dils Chessboard Allen Dulles the CIA and the Rise of Americas Secret Government

by: David Talbot

Based on explosive new evidence, bestselling author David Talbot tells America’s greatest untold s..

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The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: Churchill's Mavericks: Plotting Hitler's Defeat

by: Giles Milton

Six gentlemen, one goal - the destruction of Hitler's war machineIn the spring of 1939, a top secr..

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India Wins Freedom

by: Mulana Abdul Kalam Azad

India Wins Freedom By Mulana Abdul Kalam Azad..

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Opting Out of War

by: Mary B. Anderson & Marshall Wallace

How do ordinary people, neither pacifists nor peace activists, come to decide collectively to eschew..

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Hunter Killer

by: Mark McCurley

We are too close. We know too much, and when it is time to shoot, we can zoom in until the target fi..

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The Napoleonic Wars Smithsonian History of Warfare

by: Gunther E. Rothenberg

A vivid, illustrated history of the Napoleonic Wars, from their origins in the French Revolution, th..

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Janes Warship Recognition Guide

by: Anthony J Watts

The essential guide to the world's warships Full-color photographs Completely up-to-date and compreh..

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Janes Guns Recognition Guide

by: Richard D Jones

The most comprehensive, authoritative guide to identifying firearms includes: Pistols, revolvers, s..

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Sniper Rifles

by: Martin Pegler

A technical outline of the history of the sniper rifle, from its introduction in warfare during the ..

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Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons the Damascus Accident and the Illusion of Safety

by: Eric Schlosser

A myth-shattering expose of America s nuclear weapons Famed investigative journalist Eric Schlosse..

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by: Bar-Zohar, Michael, Mishal & Nissim

The Greatest Missions of the Israeli Secret Service. For decades, Israel s renowned security arm, th..

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Leadership In Government: The Art Of Work 100 Ways For Working Effectively In Government

by: Madan Mohan Upadhyay

Notwithstanding the ongoing friction between pacifists and supporters of militarization, Japan has m..

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Gentlemen Bastards On the Ground in Afghanistan with Americas Elite Special Forces

by: Kevin Maurer

With time running short, the Green Berets have now gone back to their roots. Award-winning journali..

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Code Names Deciphering US Military Plans Programs and Operations in the 9 11 World

by: Melissa Benn

Identifies more than 3,000 codenames used by the U.S. Military since the wars in Iraq and Afghanista..

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An Odyssey In War And Peace

by: Imagre

Jews who have made India their home have flourished without adverse discrimination. Of this, the Bag..

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Air America

by: Christopher Robbins

Air America - a secret airline run by the CIA - flew missions no one else would touch, from General ..

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Empire of Secrets: British Intelligence the Cold War and the Twilight of Empire

by: Calder Walton

Against the background of the Cold War, and the looming spectre of Soviet-sponsored subversion in Br..

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Viper Force: 56th Fighter Wing To Fly And Fight The F16

by: John M Dibbs

The pilot of the F-16 Viper, which is the U.S. Air Force’s frontline fighter and attack aircraft, is..

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Winning at War: Seven Keys to Military Victory Throughout History

by: Christian P. Potholm

In Winning at War, Christian Potholm explains how seven variables-technology, sustained ruthlessness..

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The War in the West A New History Rise and Fall of Germany 19391942 v 1

by: James Holland

Are you ready for the truth about World War Two? In the first of an extraordinary three-volume accou..

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Disobeying Hitler: German Resistance in the Last Year of WWII

by: Randall Hansen

In the last months of World War II, Hitler ordered destruction across Europe on a massive scale: wre..

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MIDNIGHTS DESCENDANTS South Asia from Partition to the Present Day

by: John Keay

If British India had not been partitioned in 1947, its population would today be the world’s largest..

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Christianity The First Three Thousand Years

by: Diarmaid MacCulloch

This book, now the most comprehensive and up to date single volume work in English, describes not on..

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Kill Chain: Drones and the Rise of HighTech Assassins

by: Andrew Cockburn

Kill Chain uncovers the real and extraordinary story of drone warfare, its origins in long-buried se..

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The Art Of War

by: Sun Tzu

The Art of War enjoys enduring popularity among readers. It is a classic study of strategy and how t..

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Declassified 50 Documents That Changed History

by: Thomas B. Allen

Culled from archives around the world, the 50 documents in Declassified illuminate the secret and of..

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Breach of Trust American Empire Project

by: Andrew J. Bacevich

The United States has been at war for more than a decade. Yet as war has become normalized, a yawnin..

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War the Rise of Cyber Warfare

by: Shane Harris

Recent revelations from Edward Snowden and others have shown government agencies in the US, UK and e..

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Civilian Warriors The Inside Story of Blackwater and the Unsung Heroes of the War on Terror

by: Erik Prince

The founder of Blackwater offers the gripping true story of the world's most controversial military ..

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Black Friday

by: Hussain Zaidi

n Black Friday, S Hussain Zaidi takes us into the heart of the conspiracy which spanned several coun..

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