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Critical Muslim 01: The Arabs are Alive

by: Ziauddin Sardar

The first publication of its kind, Critical Muslim presents Muslim perspectives on the great debates..

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The Future of Islam: With an Introduction by Mary Fitzgerald

by: Wilfrid Scawen Blunt

Wilfrid Scawen Blunt was a British diplomat and poet, who fought the case for Egyptian and Irish n..

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The Girl Who Beat Isis Faridas Story

by: Farida Abbas

In August 2014, Farida Khalaf was just a normal Yazidi girl, living in a village high in the mountai..

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The Five Percenters: Islam Hip Hop And The Gods Of New York

by: Michael Muhammad Night

With a cast of characters ranging from Malcolm X to 50 Cent, Knight’s compelling work is the first d..

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Before and After MuhammadThe First Millennium Refocused

by: Garth Fowden

Islam emerged amid flourishing Christian and Jewish cultures, yet students of Antiquity and the Midd..

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Afghanistan in Ink: Literature Between Diaspora and Nation

by: Nile Green

'Afghanistan In Ink' uses a wide and largely unknown corpus of twentieth century Afghan Dari and Pas..

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Introduction to the Quran London Quran Studies

by: M. A. Draz


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Meccanomics The March Of The New Muslim Middle Class

by: Vali Nasr

Combining historical narrative with eye-opening on-the-ground research, Meccanomics introduces a Mus..

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Islam and Knowledge: Al Faruqis Concept of Religion in Islamic Thought

by: Imtiyaz Yusuf

This is an era when the Islamic World is making a range of attempts to redefine itself and to grappl..

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A Companion to the Muslim World Institute of Ismaili Studies Muslim Heritage

by: Amyn B. Sajoo

What is the extraordinary text that is the Quran and how does it relate to the life and times of the..

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The Venture Of Islam 3The Gunpowder Empires And Modern Times

by: Marshall G. S. Hodgson

The Venture of Islam has been honored as a magisterial work of the mind since its publication in ear..

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The Venture of Islam Volume 2: The Expansion of Islam in the Middle Periods

by: Marshall G. S. Hodgson

The Venture of Islam has been honored as a magisterial work of the mind since its publication in ear..

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Spirituality in the Land of the NobleHow Iran Shaped the Worlds Religions

by: Richard C. Foltz

Although today associated exclusively with Islam, Iran has in fact played an unparalleled role withi..

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History Of The Arabs

by: Philip K. Hitti

This authoritative study of the Arabians and the Arabic-speaking peoples is a hugely valuable source..

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Diversity And Pluralism In Islam Historical And Contemporary Discourses Amongst Muslims

by: Zulfikar Hirji

For more than fourteen hundred years Muslims have held multiple and diverging views about their reli..

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Science and Islam: A History

by: Ehsan Masood

Between the 8th and 15th centuries, scholars and researchers working from Samarkand in modern-day Uz..

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Islam A Short History

by: Karen Armstrong

In the public mind, Islam is a religion of extremes: it is the world¿s fastest growing faith; more t..

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The Great Arab Conquests How The Spread Of Islam Changed The..

by: Hugh Kennedy

Today's Arab world was created at breathtaking speed. Whereas the Roman Empire took over 200 years t..

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The Umma And Dawla

by: Tamim Al Barghouti

This book argues that the Arab states in the Middle East have failed to provide security for their c..

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A World Without Islam

by: Graham E Fuller

What if Islam never existed? To some, it's a comforting thought: no clash of civilizations, no holy ..

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Inside The Kingdom

by: Robert Lacey

The complex story of what's been happening within Saudi Arabia – while the West wasn't looking Saudi..

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Offence The Muslim Case

by: Kamila Shamsie

In recent years, countless politicians and commentators have been addressing the Quran in an attempt..

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The Ismailis Their History And Doctrines 2nd

by: Farhad Daftary

This authoritative book traces the history and doctrinal development of the Isma'ili movement from i..

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