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Fall From Grace

by: Danielle Steel

You find strength when you're at your weakest . . .When Sydney's husband dies, she is dealt another ..

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Charlie next door

by: Debashish Irengbam

Mrs Anupama Arora, 42, struggles every day with the memory of her late husband even as she battles t..

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The Color of Our Sky

by: Amita Trasi

In the spirit of Khaled Hosseini, Nadia Hashimi and Shilpi Somaya Gowda comes this powerful debut fr..

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by: Anuja Chauhan

Why do they call you Baaz?' 'It means falcon, ' he replies solemnly. 'Or bird of prey. Because I swo..

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Dark Tracks

by: Philippa Gregory

PRAISE FOR THE ORDER OF DARKNESS SERIES:‘…attractive characters, several layers of mystery, and as o..

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Year One

by: Nora Roberts

With one drop of blood, the old world is gone for ever. And in its place, something extraordinary be..

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The Islamic Connection: South Asia and the Gulf

by: Christophe Jaffrelot

The region inhabited by the largest number of Muslims-roughly 500 million-today is South Asia. In th..

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That Thing We Call a Heart


Shabnam Qureshi is a funny, imaginative Pakistani-American teen attending a tony private school in s..

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Her II

by: Pierre Alex Jeanty

A continuation of the wildly successful best seller "Her", Pierre Alex Jeanty brings explosive emoti..

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by: Pierre Alex Jeanty

"Her" is a collection of poetry and prose about women, their strengths and beauty. Every woman shoul..

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The House Of Loneliness

by: Zaheda Hina

If I were to make up a list of ten novels from Pakistan and India—and I want to say Pakistan and Ind..

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Charagh Talay

by: Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi

اس رنگا رنگ مجموعے میں ایسے رچے ہوئے مزاج کی جھلکیاں نظر‌ آتی ہیں، جو چوٹ کھا کر بدمزہ نہیں ہوتا۔ طر..

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Still Me

by: Jojo Moyes

Lou Clark is back in the ALL NEW Jojo Moyes novel Still Me, follow-up to the Number One interna..

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The Peace Process: From Breakthrough to Breakdown

by: Afif Safieh

Afif Safieh served as Palestinian General Delegate in London, Washington and Moscow from 1990 to 200..

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When Karma Goes Upside Down

by: Dishant Huria

By day, Aarush is struggling to get admission in a reputed college for his Master’s degree; by night..

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Feast With a Taste of Amir Khusrao

by: Bisma Tirmizi

‘Stories and food remain the same, only faces change and those too only vaguely. The same faces keep..

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by: Andy Weir

WELCOME TO ARTEMIS. The first city on the moon.Population 2,000. Mostly tourists.Some criminals.Jazz..

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Dork Diaries Crush Catastrophe

by: Rachel Renee Russell

Nikki Maxwell’s adventures continue inthe twelfth installment in the blockbuster #1 NewYork Times be..

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Bad Dad

by: David Walliams

The new heart-warming and hilariously brilliant story from number one bestselling author David Walli..

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Lincoln in the Bardo

by: George Saunders

The extraordinary first novel by the bestselling, Folio Prize-winning, National Book Award-shortlist..

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Uncommon Type Some Stories

by: Tom Hanks

A collection of seventeen wonderful short stories showing that two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks is as..

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Undying Affinity

by: Sara Naveed

True love never dies. It might vanish, but if it is true, it will always find its way backTwenty-two..

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On the Edge

by: Rafael Nadal

Under a weak winter sun in small-town Spain, a man discovers a rotting corpse in a marsh. It’s a des..

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From Head to Toe

by: Eric Carle

From Eric Carle, the New York Times bestselling creator of beloved books including Th..

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by: Mariie NDiaye

For the millions who log in every day, Warcross isn't just a game--it's a way of life. The obsession..

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Another Brooklyn

by: Jacqueline Woodson

They used to be inseparable They used to be young brave and brilliant amazingly beautiful and terri..

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