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Asia's Giants: Comparing China and India

by: Edward Friedman & Bruce Gilley (EDITORS)

This edited volume reconsiders the conventional wisdom, which argues that comparative performance (i..

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Forger's Spell


Profiles the dramatic art hoax through which a small-time Dutch painter conned a reviled Nazi leader..

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The Genius Factory The Curious History of the Nobel Prize Sperm Bank

by: David Plotz

A fascinating study of a radical experiment in human breeding describes the recruitment of Nobel Pri..

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The Missing Peace: The Inside Story of the Fight for Middle East Peace

by: Dennis Ross

The respected ambassador and chief Middle East negotiator in both the Clinton and Bush administratio..

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Hot Property: The Stealing of Ideas in an Age of Globalization

by: Pat Choate

The author of the best-selling Agents of Influence provides a thought-provoking study of t..

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The Pre-Emptive Empire: A Guide to Bush's Kingdom

by: Saul Landau

Saul Landau is an internationally known scholar, author, journalist, poet and activist. An Emmy-awar..

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Heights of Madness


Siachen the world's highest battlefield an obscure, unwinable war fought in the mountains far beyond..

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Police Throughout History Protect Car from Thieves How

by: Mughal

Police Throughout History: Protect Car from Thieves How By Tariq Ashraf Mughal..

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Britain In Iraq Contriving King And Country


Sluglett presents a comprehensive history of British policy towards Iraq from the beginnings of the ..

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World ClaIt Why Businesses Succeed When Technology Triumphs


Bigger and bigger percentages of corporate budgets are being spent on IT investments. In this book, ..

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We Will Prevail President George W. Bush on War, Terrorism and Freedom


The book begins with the terrible events of September 11, 2001, and concludes on Memorial Day, May 3..

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