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The Wonder

by: Emma Donoghue

 An eleven-year-old girl stops eating, but remains miraculously alive and well. A nurse, sent..

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Frog Music -

by: Emma Donoghue

Summer of 1876: San Francisco is in the fierce grip of a record-breaking heat wave and a smallpox ep..

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Touchy Subjects

by: Emma Donoghue

How do you make conversation with a sperm donor? How do you say someone's novel is drivel? Would you..

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Frog Music

by: Emma Donoghue

San Francisco, 1876: a stifling heat wave and smallpox epidemic have engulfed the City. Deep in the ..

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The Sealed Letter

by: Emma Donoghue

From the bestselling author of "Room" here comes a delicious tale of secrets, betrayal and forbidden..

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by: Emma Donoghue

Jack is five. He lives with his Ma. They live in a single, locked room. They don't have the key. Jac..

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