Sudhir Kakar

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Ecstasy A Novel -

by: Sudhir Kakar

‘The body will go but remember, the soul will eternally cry delight.’ Dying, Gopal, or Ram Das Baba ..

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A Book of Memory Confessions and Reflections

by: Sudhir Kakar

A Book of Memory records not only the crises of identity and intellect, but also the highs and lows ..

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Death and Dying

by: Sudhir Kakar

Billions have died in the thousands of years since human beings first developed language, but we do ..

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Young Tagore : The Makings of a Genius -

by: Sudhir Kakar

Sudhir Kakar [is] indispensable to our understanding of Indian men and womenThe Hindu Young Tagore ..

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The Crimson Throne

by: Sudhir Kakar

Riveting, eloquent and richly imagined, The Crimson Throne is set in the tumultuous period marking t..

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The Crimson Throne -

by: Sudhir Kakar

Three decades into Emperor Shah Jahan’s reign, while the monarch indulges in the pleasures of the fl..

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Mira and the Mahatma

by: Sudhir Kakar

Madeleine Slade, the daughter of British Admiral, sets her heart on becoming Bapu's greatest discipl..

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